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Index - Books & Periodicals

I Will Tell of My War Story
  by Scott M Thompson
Lakota Sioux Missions - South Dakota
  by Jan Cerney
Native American Design with CD-ROM
  by Althea Chen
1876 Facts about Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn
  by Jerry L Russell
19th Century Plains Indian Dresses
  by Susan Jennys
A Bag of Bones
  by Marcelle Masson
A Boy of Tache
  by Ann Blades
A Century of Dishonor
  by Helen Hunt Jackson
A Cherokee Encyclopedia
  by Robert J Conley
A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe
  by John D Nichols
A Creek Warrior for the Confederacy
  by G W Grayson
A Dakota-English Dictionary
  by Stephen R Riggs
A Dictionary of the Ojibway Language
  by Frederic Baraga
A Face in the Rock
  by Loren R Graham
A Gathering of Spirit
  by Beth Brant
A Good Year to Die
  by Charles M, III Robinson
A Guide to the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest
  by Robert H Ruby
A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West
  by John D McDermott
A History of Ethnography of the Beothuk
  by Ingeborg Marshall
A History of the Native People of Canada
  by James V Wright
A History of the Timucua Indians and Missions
  by John H Hann
A Kiowa's Odyssey
  by Phillip Earenfight
A Long and Terrible Shadow
  by Thomas R Berger
A Man Called Raven
  by Richard Van Camp
A Manual of Fingerweaving
  by Robert J Austin
A Most Indispensable Art
  by James B Peterson
A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison
  by James E Seaver
A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison ...
  by James E Seaver
A Natural Education
  by Stan Padilla
A Northern Cheyenne Album
  by Thomas B Marquis
A Pima Past
  by Anna Moore Shaw
A Pioneer Thanksgiving
  by Barbara Greenwood
A Place Beyond
  by Nick Jans
A Poison Stronger Than Love
  by Anastasia M Shkilnyk
A Race at Bay
  by Robert G Hays
A Reporter at Large
  by A J Liebling
A Retreat with Black Elk
  by Marie Therese Archambault
A Separate Reality
  by Carlos Castabeda
A Sioux Chronicle
  by George E Hyde
A Sioux Winter Count
  by Roberta Carkeek Cheney
A Son of the Forest and Other Writings
  by William Apess
A Song for the Horse Nation
  by George Horse Capture
A Song to the Creator
  by Lillian A Ackerman
A Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy
  by E Barrie Kavasch
A Study of Omaha Indian Music
  by Alice C Fletcher
A Taste of Heritage
  by Alma Hogan Snell
A Time Before Deception
  by Thomas W Cooper
A to Z of Native American Women
  by Liz Sonneborn
A Warrior I Have Been
  by Richard Green
A Wealth of Thought
  by Aldona Jonaitis
A Zuni Life
  by Virgil Wyaco
Abenaki Warrior
  by Alfred E Kayworth
Abram's Eyes
  by Nathaniel Philbrick
Adopted by Indians
  by Thomas Jefferson Mayfield
African Creeks
  by Gary Zellar
After King Philip's War
  by Colin G Calloway
After Wounded Knee
  by Jerry Green
All My Sins Are Relatives
  by W S Penn
All Our Relations
  by Winona LaDuke
All Our Relationships
  by Winona LaDuke
All Our Relatives
  by Paul Goble
All Roads Are Good
  by National Museum of the American Indian
Always a People
  by Rita Kohn
American Encounters
  by Peter C Mancall
American Indian Art Magazine - V28 #4
American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #1
American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #2
American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #3
American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #4
American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #1
American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #2
American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #3
American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #4
American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #1
American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #2
American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #3
American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #4
American Indian Ballerinas
  by Lili Cockerille Livingston
American Indian Basketry
  by Otis Tufton Mason
American Indian Beadwork
  by W Ben Hunt
American Indian Cooking
  by Carolyn Niethammer
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 5 #10
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 5 #7
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 5 #8
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 5 #9
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 6 #10
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 6 #3
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #10
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #4
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #5
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #7
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #8
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #1
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #2
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #3
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #4
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #5
American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 8 #6
American Indian Design and Decoration
  by LeRoy H Appleton
American Indian Families
  by Jay Miller
American Indian Festivals
  by Jay Miller
American Indian Foods
  by Jay Miller
American Indian Games
  by Jay Miller
American Indian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls
  by Kathy Allert
American Indian Grandmothers
  by Marjorie M Schweitzer
American Indian Holocaust and Survival
  by Russell Thornton
American Indian Horse Masks
  by Mike Cowdrey
American Indian Languages
  by Shirley Silver
American Indian Life Skills Development Curriculum
  by Teresa D Lafromboise
American Indian Literature
  by Alan R Velie
American Indian Literatures
  by A Lavonne Ruoff
American Indian Medicine
  by Virgil J Vogel
American Indian Myths and Legends
  by Richard Erdoes
American Indian Persistence and Resurgence
  by Karl Kroeber
American Indian Policy in the Twentieth Century
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
American Indian Sovereignty and the U.S. Supreme Court
  by David E Wilkins
American Indian Stories
  by Sa Zitkala
American Indian Treaties
  by Francis Paul Prucha
American Indian Tribal Governments
  by Sharon O'Brien
American Indian Trickster Tales
  by Richard Erdoes
American Indians
  by William T Hagan
American Indians
  by Devon A Mihesuah
American Indians and Christian Missions Studies in Cultural Conflict
  by Henry Warner Bowden
American Indians Fandex
  by Liz Hill
American Indians in the Lower Mississippi Valley
  by Daniel H Usner
American Indians in the Marketplace
  by Brian C Hosmer
American Indians in U.S. History
  by Roger L Nichols
American Indians of the Southwest
  by Bertha P Dutton
American Indians, Time, and the Law
  by Charles F Wilkinson
American Revolution in Indian Country
  by Colin G Calloway
Amerindian Images and the Legacy of Columbus
  by Rene Jara
Amerindian Rebirth
  by A Mills
An Anasazi Welcome
  by Kay Matthews
An Apache Life-Way
  by Morris Edward Opler
An Archaeology of the Soul
  by Robert L Hall
An Assumption of Sovereignty
  by Harry A Kersey
An English-Dakota Dictionary
  by John P Williamson
An Indian Winter
  by Russell Freedman
An Introduction to the Shoshoni Language
  by Drusilla Gould
An Unspeakable Sadness
  by David J Wishart
Anasazi Legends, Songs of the Wind Dancer
  by Lou Cuevas
And It is Still That Way
  by Byrd Baylor
Anna's Athabaskan Summer
  by Arnold Griese
Apache Odyssey
  by Morris Edward Opler
  by James L Haley
  by John H Hann
Apologies to the Iroquois
  by Edmund Wilson
Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle
  by Richard Fox Jr.
Arctic Adventure
  by Dana Meachen Rau
Arkansas Indians
  by Berna Love
Arrow to the Sun
  by Gerald McDermott
Arrow to the Sun
  by Gerald McDermott
Art from Fort Marion
  by Joyce M Szabo
Art of Clay
  by Lee M Cohen
Art of the Ancestors
  by George Everett Shaw
Art of the Far North
  by Carol Finley
Art of the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee Indians
  by Dorothy Downs
Art of the Osage
  by Garrick A Bailey
Artifacts / Artifakes
  by Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Artistry in Native American Myths
  by Karl Kroeber
Arts of Diplomacy
  by Castle McLaughlin
Arts of the North American Indian
  by Edwin L Wade
As Long as the River Shall Run
  by Martha C Knack
At the Desert's Green Edge
  by Amadeo M Rea
At the Mouth of the Luckiest River
  by Arnold A Griese
  by Nathan Aaseng
Atlas of American Indian Affairs
  by Francis Paul Prucha
Atlas of Great Lakes, Indian History
  by Helen Hornbeck Tanner
Authentic Alaska
  by Susan Andrews
Authentic Alaska
  by Susan B Andrews
Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It
  by Pamela Stanley-Millner
Authentic Indian Designs
  by Maria Naylor
Baby RattlesnakeViborita de Cascabel
  by Te Ata
Backward to Forward
  by Maurice Kenny
Bad Medicine and Good
  by Wilbur Sturtevant Nye
Battles and Skirmishes of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877
  by Jerome A Greene
Bead on an Anthill
  by Delphine Red Shirt
Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans
  by Scott Sutton
Beaver Steals Fire
  by Sam Sandoval
Becoming and Remaining a People
  by Howard L Harrod
Becoming Brave
  by Laine Thom
Becoming Two-Spirit
  by Brian Joseph Gilley
Before the Storm
  by Allison Lassieur
Beginning Cherokee
  by Holmes & Smith
Beginning Creek
  by Pamela Joan Innes
Behind the Frontier
  by Daniel R Mandell
Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Being Comanche
  by Morris W Foster
Being Dakota
  by Amos E Oneroad
Being Lakota
  by Larissa Petrillo
Beliefs and Holy Places
  by James S Griffith
Beloved Child
  by Diane Wilson
Betraying the Omaha Nation, 1790-1916
  by Judith A Boughter
Between Earth and Sky
  by Joseph Bruchac
Between Two Cultures
  by Moira F Harris
Between Worlds
  by Frances Karttunen
Beyond the Ridge
  by Paul Goble
Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs
  by Kay Doherty Bennett
Bighorse the Warrior
  by Tiana Bighorse
Black Elk
  by Michael F Steltenkamp
Black Elk
  by Wallace Black Elk
Black Elk - Native American Man of Spirit
  by Maura Shaw
Black Elk and Flaming Rainbow
  by Hilda Neihardt
Black Elk Speaks (Complete)
  by John G Neihardt
Black Elk Speaks - Premier Edition
  by John G Neihardt
Black Elk's Religion
  by Clyde Holler
Black Elk's Vision
  by S D Nelson
  by John C Ewers
Blackfeet Indian Stories
  by George Grinnell
Blackfoot Craftworker's Book
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Blackfoot War Art
  by L James Dempsey
Blessing for a Long Time
  by Robin Ridington
Blessing for a Long Time
  by Robin Ridington
  by Dennis McAuliffe
  by Janet Campbell Hale
Blue Dawn, Red Earth
  by Clifford E Trafzer
Blue Horses Rush in
  by Luci Tapahonso
Blue Star
  by Kunigunde Duncan
Blue Water Creek and the First Sioux War, 1854-1856
  by R Eli Paul
Bone Game
  by Louis Owens
Bones in the Basket
  by Carrie J Taylor
Book of the Hopi
  by Frank Waters
Born Many Times
  by George McMullen
Bows & Arrows of the Native Americans
  by Jim Hamm
Braid of Feathers
  by Frank Pommersheim
Brave Are My People
  by Frank Waters
Brave as a Mountain Lion
  by Ann Herbert Scott
Brave Eagle's Account of the Fetterman Fight
  by Paul Goble
Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird
  by Joe Medicine Crow
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
  by Susan Jeffers
Buckskin & Buffalo
  by Colin F Taylor
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
  by Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors
  by Michelle Delaney
Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden
  by Gilbert L Wilson
Buffalo Calf Road Woman
  by Rosemary Agonito
Buffalo Days
  by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Buffalo Dreams
  by Kim Doner
Buffalo Nation
  by Ken Zontek
Buffalo Woman
  by Paul Goble
Buffalo Woman Comes Singing
  by Eagle Brooke Medicine
Building One Fire
  by Chadwick Smith
Buried Roots and Indestructible Seeds
  by Mark A Lindquist
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
  by Dee Brown
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
  by Dee Brown
Cache Lake Country
  by John J Rowlands
Cahokia, the Great Native American Metropolis
  by Biloine Whiting Young
  by Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh
California and the Pacific Northwest
  by UXL
California Indian Baskets
  by Ralph Shanks
California Indians
  by C L Keyworth
California Indians
  by Liz Sonneborn
Call of the Great Spirit
  by Bobby Lake-Thom
Canyon de Chelly, Its People and Rock Art
  by Campbell Grant
Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook
  by Earl Mills
Captured by the Indians
  by Frederick Drimmer
Catch the Whisper of the Wind
  by Cheewa James
  by Hilary Stewart
Celebrating the Powwow
  by Bobbie D Kalman
Celluloid Indians
  by Jacquelyn Kilpatrick
Center of the World
  by Rita Robinson
Ceremonies of the Damned
  by Adrian C Louis
Ceremonies of the Living Spirit
  by Joseph E Rael
Ceremonies of the Pawnee
  by James R Murie
Changing Military Patterns of the Great Plains Indians
  by Frank Raymond Secoy
Chants and Prayers
  by Stan Padilla
Cherokee Basketry
  by Anna M Fariello
Cherokee Dance
  by Donald Sizemore
Cherokee Legends and the Trail of Tears
  by Thomas Bryan Underwood
Cherokee Medicine Man
  by Robert J Conley
Cherokee Thoughts, Honest and Uncensored
  by Robert J Conley
Cherokee Women
  by Theda Perdue
Cheyenne Dog Soldiers
  by Jean Afton
Cheyenne Memories of the Custer Fight
  by Richard G Hardorff
Cheyennes at Dark Water Creek
  by William Y Chalfant
  by Inez Cardozo-Freeman
Chief Joseph Country
  by Bill Gulick
Chief Left Hand
  by Margaret Coel
Chief Red Fox is Dead
  by James J Rawls
Chiefdoms and Chieftaincy in the Americas
  by Elsa M Redmond
Chiefs & Chief Traders, Vol 1
  by Theodore Stern
Chiefs and Change in the Oregon Country, Vol. 2
  by Theodore Stern
Children of Clay
  by Rina Swentzell
Children of the Circle
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Children of the Longhouse
  by Joseph Bruchac
Children of the Midnight Sun
  by Tricia Brown
Children of the Tlingit
  by Frank J Staub
Chippewa Child Life and Its Cultural Background
  by M Inez Hilger
Chippewa Customs
  by Frances Densmore
Chippewa Families
  by M Inez Hilger
Chippewa Treaty Rights
  by Ronald N Satz
Choctaw Language and Culture
  by Marcia Haag
Choctaw Language and Culture - Volume 2
  by Marcia Haag
Choctaw Music and Dance
  by James H Howard
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
  by Donovin Sprague
Choctaws and Missionaries in Mississippi, 1818-1918
  by Clara Sue Kidwell
Choctaws at the Crossroads
  by Sandra Faiman-Silva
Choteau Creek
  by Joseph Iron Eye Dudley
  by Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh
Circle of Shaman
  by Karen Berggren
Circles of the World
  by Richard Conn
Cities of the Dead
  by Joseph Roach
Claiming Breath
  by Diane Glancy
  by Russell Peters
Classic Hopi and Zuni Kachina Figures
  by Andrea Portago
Coastal Indians
  by Dana Newmann
  by Edwin R Sweeney
Cochula's Journey
  by Virginia Pounds Brown
Code Talker
  by Chester Nez
Cogewea, The Half Blood
  by Mourning Dove
Collecting Authentic Indian Arts & Crafts
  by IACA
Coloring Book-Southwest Indians I
  by Bellerophon Books
Comanche Dawn
  by Mike Blakely
  by Ernest Wallace
Comanches in the New West, 1895-1908
  by Stanley Noyes
Contemporary American Indian Literatures and the Oral Tradition
  by Susan Berry Brill de Ramirez
Conversations with N. Scott Momaday
  by Matthias Schubnell
Corbett Mack
  by Michael Hittman
Corn among the Indians of the Upper Missouri
  by George F Will
Costumes of the Plains Indians
  by Clark Wissler
Counseling American Indians
  by Laurence Armand French
Counting Coup
  by Joe Medicine Crow
Coyote in Love with a Star
  by Marty Kreipe de Montano
Coyote Medicine
  by Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Coyote Places the Stars
  by Harriet Peck Taylor
Coyote Steals the Blanket
  by Janet Stevens
Coyote Stories
  by Dove Mouring
Coyote Tales of the Northwest
  by Thomas George
Coyote's Council Fire
  by Loren Cruden
Craft Manual of Northwest Indian Beading
  by George M White
Crafts Annual #2
Crafts Annual #4
Crafts Annual #6
Crazy Horse and Custer
  by Stephen E Ambrose
Crazy Horse, Hoka Hey!
  by Vinson Brown
Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglalas
  by Mari Sandoz
Crazy Horses Vision
  by James Bruchac
Creation's Journey
  by Tom Hill
  by Jean L Okimasis
Creek War of 1813 and 1815 (I.E. 1814)
  by H S Halbert
Crooked Tree
  by John C Wright
Crossing the Pond
  by Jere Bishop Franco
Crow and Weasel
  by Barry Lopez
Crow Dog
  by Leonard Crow Dog
Crow Indian Beadwork
  by John C Ewers
Cry of the Thunderbird
  by Charles Hamilton
Crying for a Dream
  by Richard Erdoes
Cuchama and Sacred Mountains
  by W Y Evans-Wentz
Cuckoo for Kokopelli
  by Dave Walker
Cultivating a Landscape of Peace
  by Matthew Dennis
Custer Died for Your Sins
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Custer, Black Kettle, and the Fight on the Washita
  by Charles Brill
Custom and Confrontation
  by Roger M Keesing
Cycles of Conquest
  by Edward H Spicer
Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village, 1868
  by Michael Terry
Dakota Grammar
  by Stephen R Riggs
Dakota Texts
  by Ella Deloria
Dakota Women's Work
  by Colette A Hyman
Dammed Indians
  by Michael Lawson
Dance in a Buffalo Skull
  by Zitkala-Sa
Dancing Between Two Worlds
  by Frederick R Gustafson
Dancing Ghosts
  by Mark T Hoyer
Dancing on Common Ground
  by Howard L Meredith
Dangerous Passage
  by William Y Chalfant
Daughters of the Buffalo Women
  by Beverly Hungry Wolf
David Zeisberger
  by Earl P Olmstead
Dawn in Arctic Alaska
  by Diamond Jenness
Dead Voices
  by Gerald Vizenor
Deadly Medicine
  by Peter C Mancall
Death of the Iron Horse
  by Paul Goble
Death Stalks the Yakama
  by Clifford E Trafzer
Debating Democracy
  by Bruce Johansen
Deer Dancer
  by Stan Padilla
Deerskins into Buckskins (2nd Edition)
  by Matt Richards
  by James Fenimore Cooper
Deliberate Acts
  by Peter M Whiteley
Desert Indians
  by Dana Newmann
Destruction Bay
  by Lisa Chavez
Deux-Plumes Et La Solitude Disparue
  by Carrie J Taylor
Dialogues with Zuni Potters
  by Milford Nahohai
  by Dean Saxton
Dictionary of Modern Lakota
  by Edward Starr
Dine Bahane
  by Paul Zolbrod
Diné Bizaad
  by Irvy W. Goossen
Dine Bizaad Binahoo’aah
  by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie
Dineji Na'nitin
  by Robert S McPherson
  by Lawrence D Sundberg
Diplomats in Buckskins
  by Herman J Viola
Disciplined Hearts
  by Theresa Deleane O'Nell
Discover American Indian Ways
  by Pamela Soeder
Discovering Totem Poles
  by Aldona Jonaitis
Dispossessing the American Indian
  by Wilbur R Jacobs
Do All Indians Live in Tipis?
Documents of American Indian Diplomacy
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Dog Soldiers Societies of the Plains
  by Thomas E Mails
  by Gary Paulsen
Dominion and Civility
  by Michael Leroy Oberg
Dragonfly's Tale
  by Kristina Rodanas
Dream Catchers
  by Cath Oberholtzer
Dreaming the Dawn
  by Elizabeth Woody
Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians
  by Ronald P Koch
Drinking Careers
  by Stephen J Kunitz
Dull Knifes of Pine Ridge
  by Joe Starita
Dyer's Companion
  by Dagmar Klos
Dzání Yázhí Naazbaa'
  by Evangeline Parsons Yazzie
Eagle Feather
  by Clyde Robert Bulla
Eagle Song
  by Joseph Bruchac
Eagle Voice Remembers
  by John G Neihardt
Early History of the Creek Indians and Their Neighbors
  by John R Swanton
Earth is My Mother, Sky is My Father
  by Trudy Griffin-Pierce
Earth Medicine
  by Jamie Sams
Earth Song, Sky Spirit
  by Clifford E Trafzer
  by Lynda Durrant
Ecocide of Native America
  by Donald A, Jr Grinde
Education and the American Indian
  by Margaret Szasz
Edward S. Curtis - The North American Indian
  by Hans Christian Adam
Ellen Smallboy
  by Regina Flannery
Empire of the Summer Moon
  by S C Gwynne
Empty Nets
  by Roberta Ulrich
En Las Barrancas de Acoma
  by John Dressman
  by Jane Yolen
Encyclopedia of American Indian Wars
  by Jerry Keenan
Encyclopedia of Native American Healing
  by William S Lyon
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes
  by Sharon Malinowski
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians
  by David J Wishart
Enduring Culture
  by Marcia Keegan
Engendered Encounters
  by Margaret D Jacobs
English - Cheyenne Student Dictionary
Episodes from Life Among the Indians and Last Rambles
  by George Catlin
Essie's Story
  by Esther Burnett Horne
Ethnobotany Of The Gitksan Indians Of British Columbia
  by Harlan I Smith
European-Native American Warfare, 1675-1815
  by Armstrong Starkey
Everyday Lakota
  by Joseph S Karol
Excavating Voices
  by Michael Katakis
Exiled in the Land of the Free
  by Oren Lyons
Expansion and American Indian Policy, 1783-1812
  by Reginald Horsman
Exploring the Outdoors with Indian Secrets
  by Allan A Macfarlan
Exterminate Them
  by Clifford E Trafzer
Eye Killers
  by A A Carr
Eyewitness at Wounded Knee
  by Richard Jensen
Faces in the Moon
  by Betty Louise Bell
Faces of the Land
  by Ben Marra
Facing West
  by Richard Drinnon
Family Matters, Tribal Affairs
  by Carter Revard
Fantasies of the Master Race
  by Ward Churchill
Fast Cars and Frybread
  by Gordon Johnson
Favorite North American Indian Legends
  by Philip Smith
Feminist Readings of Native American Literature
  by Kathleen M Donovan
Finding Sand Creek
  by Jerome A Greene
Finding the Center
  by Dennis Tedlock
Finding the Center
  by Dennis Tedlock
Fingerweaving Basics
  by Gerald R Findley
Fire in the Mind
  by George Johnson
Fire Race
  by Jonathan London
  by Diane Glancy
First Families
  by L Frank
First People
  by Keith Egloff
First Peoples, First Contacts
  by J C H King
First Person, First Peoples
  by Andrew Garrod
Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri
  by Edwin Thompson Denig
Five Years a Dragoon
  by Percival G Lowe
Flight of the Feathered Serpent
  by Peter Balin
  by John C Whittaker
Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe
  by Jerald T Milanich
Florida's Indians from Ancient Times to the Present
  by Jerald T Milanich
Flutes of Fire
  by Leanne Hinton
Focus On Feathers
  by Andrew Forsythe
Foklore of the Winnebago Tribe
  by David Lee Smith
Folk Mammalogy of the Northern Pimans
  by Amadeo M Rea
Fools Crow
  by Thomas E Mails
For an Amerindian Autohistory
  by Georges E Sioui
Fort Chipewyan Homecoming
  by Morningstar Mercredi
Fort Laramie and the Great Sioux War
  by Paul L Hedren
Fort Reliance, Yukon
  by Donald W Clark
Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature
  by John Bierhorst
Four Seasons of Corn
  by Sally M Hunter
Four Winds
  by Gene Meany Hodge
Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery
  by Rick Dillingham
Fritz Scholder
  by Lowery Stokes Sims
Frog Brings Rain
  by Patricia Hruby Powell
From a Native Son
  by Ward Churchill
From a Shattered Sun
  by Susan McKinnon
From the Heart of Crow Country
  by Joseph Medicine Crow
From This Earth
  by Stewart Peckham
Frontier Diplomats
  by Lesley Wischmann
Fugitive Poses
  by Gerald Vizenor
  by Robert W Larson
Games of the North American Indians
  by Stewart Culin
Games of the North American Indians - Vol 1
  by Stewart Culin
Games of the North American Indians - Vol 2
  by Stewart Culin
General Stand Watie's Confederate Indians
  by Frank Cunningham
Gerald Vizenor
  by Kimberly M Blaeser
  by Angie Debo
  by Robert M Utley
  by Stephen Melvil Barrett
Ghost Canoe
  by Will Hobbs
Ghost Dance Religion (Csca)
  by Alice Beck Kehoe
Ghost Dancing the Law
  by John William Sayer
Gift Horse
  by S D Nelson
Gift of Power
  by Archie Fire Lame Deer
Gifts of the Spirit
  by Dan L Monroe
Giving Thanks
  by Jake Swamp
Giving Voice to Bear
  by David Rockwell
Goodbird the Indian
  by Gilbert L Wilson
  by Tom Brown
Grandmother's Grandchild
  by Alma Hogan Snell
Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf
  by Clifford E Trafzer
Grass Games and Moon Races
  by Jeannine Gendar
Grave Matters
  by Tony Platt
Great Western Indian Fights
  by D Haper Simms
Green Snake Ceremony With Bookmark
  by Sherrin Watkins
Grey Owl
  by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Growing Up Native American
  by Patricia Riley
  by Michael Dorris
Guests Never Leave Hungry
  by James P Spradley
Guide to Indian Quillworking
  by Christy Ann Hensler
Guide to Native American Music Recordings
  by Greg Gombert
Half-Sun on the Columbia
  by Robert H Ruby
  by Maria Campbell
Handbook of American Indian Games
  by Allan A Macfarlan
Handbook of Native American Literature
  by Andrew Wiget
Handbook of the Indians of California
  by A L Kroeber
Harper's Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry
  by Duane Naitum
Hau Kola
  by Barbara A Hail
  by Toba Tucker
Hawk, I'm Your Brother
  by Byrd Baylor
he Man Who Dreamed of Elk-Dogs & Other Stories from Tipi
  by Paul Goble
Healing Secrets of the Native Americans
  by Porter Shimer
Heart of the Circle
  by Sara Day
Heetunkas Harvest
  by Jennifer Berry Jones
Her Seven Brothers
  by Paul Goble
Hernando de Soto and the Indians of Florida
  by Jerald T Milanich
Hidatsa Social and Ceremonial Organization
  by Alfred W Bowers
Historic Contact
  by Robert S Grumet
History of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez Indians
  by H B Cushman
History of the Indians of the United States
  by Angie Debo
History of the Ojibway People
  by William W Warren
History of the Santee Sioux
  by Roy W Meyer
History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842
  by John K Mahon
Hiwassee Island
  by Thomas M Lewis
Hokahey! a Good Day to Die!
  by Richard G Hardorff
Holy Wind in Navajo Philosophy
  by James K Cneley
Home Places
  by Larry Evers
Honoring the Medicine
  by Kenneth Cohen
Honouring Tradition
  by Glenbow Museum
Hope and Live
  by Oliver Optic
Hopi Basket Weaving
  by Helga Teiwes
Hopi Cookery
  by Juanita Kavena
Hopi Coyote Tales
  by Ekkehart Malotki
Hopi Dwellings
  by Catherine M Cameron
Hopi Kachinas
  by Branson
Houses of Snow, Skin and Bones
  by Bonnie Shemie
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
  by James Bruchac
How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine, and Crafts
  by Frances Densmore
How the Stars Fell Into the Sky
  by Jerrie Oughton
How Would You Survive as an American Indian?
  by Scott Steedman
Howling Wolf and the History of Ledger Art
  by Joyce M Szabo
Hunters of the Northern Forest
  by Richard K Nelson
I Am Woman
  by Lee Maracle
I Have Spoken
  by Virginia I Armstrong
I Will Fight No More Forever
  by Merrill D Beal
I, the Song
  by A Lewis Soens
Identity by Design
  by National Museum of the American Indian
If You Lived with the Hopi
  by Anne Kamma
If You Lived with the Iroquois
  by Ellen Levine
If You Lived with the Sioux Indians
  by Ann McGovern
If You Poison Us
  by Peter Eichstaedt
Iktomi and the Boulder
  by Paul Goble
Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America
  by Aby M Warburg
Imperfect Victories
  by Mark Scherer
In a Barren Land
  by Paula Mitchell Marks
In a Sacred Manner I Live
  by Neil Philip
In a Sacred Manner I Live
  by Neil Philip
In Defense of the Indians
  by Bartolome De Las Casas
In My Own Words
  by Grace McKibben
In Search of New England's Native Past
  by Michael K Foster
In the Land of the Grasshopper Song
  by Mary E Arnold
In the Land of the Grasshopper Song
  by Mary E Arnold
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
  by Peter Matthiessen
In the Sun's House
  by Kurt Caswell
In the Trail of the Wind
  by John Bierhorst
In the Words of Elders
  by Peter Kulchyski
Indeh, an Apache Odyssey
  by Eva Ball
Indian Affairs in Colonial New York
  by Allen W Trelease
Indian Art of Ancient Florida
  by Barbara A Purdy
Indian Basket Weaving
  by Navajo School of Indian Basketry
Indian Baskets of Central California
  by Ralph Shanks
Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns
  by Horace Goodhue
Indian Boyhood
  by Charles A Eastman
Indian Captive
  by Lois Lenski
Indian Chiefs
  by Russell Freeman
Indian Country, L.A.
  by Joan Weibel-Orlando
Indian County, L.A.
  by Joan Weibel-Orlando
Indian Crafts & Lore
  by W Ben Hunt
Indian Dances of North America
  by Reginald Laubin
Indian Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book
  by John Green
Indian Fights and Fighters
  by Cyrus T Brady
Indian Games and Dances with Native Songs
  by Alice C Fletcher
Indian Herbalogy of North America
  by Alma R Hutchens
Indian Life
  by William W, Jr Savage
Indian Nation
  by Cheryl Walker
Indian Nations of North America
  by National Geographic
Indian Oratory
  by W C Vanderwerth
Indian Place Names in Alabama
  by William A Read
Indian Place-Names
  by John Rydjord
Indian Pottery
  by Toni Roller
Indian Pottery of the Southwest
  by Marcia Muth
Indian Removal
  by Grant Foreman
Indian Reservations in the United States
  by Klaus Frantz
Indian Rock Art of the Southwest
  by Polly Schaafsma
Indian School Days
  by Basil H Johnston
Indian Sign Language
  by William Tomkins
Indian Singing
  by Gail Tremblay
Indian Spirit (Revised Edition)
  by Michael Oren Fitzgerald
Indian Story and Song from North America
  by Alice C Fletcher
Indian Summer
  by Betsy Wyckoff
Indian Summer
  by Thomas Jefferson Mayfield
Indian Summers
  by Eric Gansworth
Indian Survival on the California Frontier
  by Albert L Hurtado
Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley and Adjacent Coast of the Gul
  by John R Swanton
Indian Tribes of the Northern Rockies
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Indian Uprising on the Rio Grande
  by Franklin Folsom
Indian Views of the Custer Fight
  by Richard G Hardoff
Indian Village Sticker Activity Book
  by Cathy Beylon
Indian Voices
  by Alison Owings
Indian Wars
  by Duane Lund
Indian Why Stories
  by Frank B Linderman
Indian-White Relations in the United States
  by Francis Paul Prucha
Indians and Anthropologists
  by Thomas Biolsi
Indians and Europe
  by Christian F Feest
Indians and the American West in the Twentieth Century
  by Donald L Parman
Indians at Hampton Institute, 1877-1923
  by Donal F Lindsey
Indians in the United States and Canada
  by Roger L Nichols
Indians of Arizona
  by Eleanor H Ayer
Indians of North America
  by Harold E Driver
Indians of the High Plains
  by George E Hyde
Indians of the North Pacific Coast
  by Tom McFeat
Indians of the Northwest-Coloring Book
  by Bellerophon Books
Indians of the Pacific Northwest
  by Robt Ruby
Indians of the Plateau and Great Basin
  by Victoria Sherrow
Indians of the Southeast
  by Richard E Mancini
Indians of the United States
  by Clark Wissler
Indians of the Western Great Lakes Region
  by W Vernon Kinietz
Indians, Fire, and the Land in the Pacific Northwest
  by Robert Boyd
Indians, Franciscans and Spanish Colonization
  by Robert H Jackson
Ininatig's Gift of Sugar
  by Laura Waterman Wittstock
  by Paul N Beck
Interior Landscapes
  by Gerald Vizenor
Intermediate Creek
  by Pamela Joan Innes
Into the Daylight
  by Calvin Morrisseau
Inventing the Savage
  by Luana Ross
Iroquois Medical Botany
  by James W Herrick
Iroquois Supernatural
  by Mason Winfield
Ishi in Two Worlds
  by Theodora Kroeber
Ishi the Last Yahi
  by Robert Fleming Heizer
Ishi, Last of His Tribe
  by Theodora Kroeber
Island of the Blue Dolphins
  by Scott O'Dell
Jefferson and the Indians
  by Anthony F C Wallace
Jim Beckwourth
  by Elinor Wilson
Jim Thorpe
  by Guernsey Van Riper
John Rollin Ridge
  by James Parins
John Slocum and the Indian Shaker Church
  by Robert H Ruby
Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, Man of Two Worlds
  by Iasel Thompson Kelsay
Joseph N. Nicollet on the Plains and Prairies
  by Edmund C Coleman
Juan the Chamula
  by Ricardo Pozas
  by Jean Craighead George
Julie of the Wolves
  by Jean Craighead George
Kachina Dolls
  by Helga Teiwes
Kachina Tales from the Indian Pueblos
  by Gene Hodge
  by Marcia Muth
  by Maureen Bell
  by Francis La Flesche
Keep Going
  by Joseph, III Marshall
Keepers of Life
  by Michael J Caduto
Keepers of the Animals
  by Joseph Bruchac
Keepers of the Earth
  by Joseph Bruchac
Keeping Heart on Pine Ridge
  by Victor Glover
Keeping the Spirit Alive
  by Bonnie B Kahn
Killing Custer
  by James Welch
  by Charlotte Johnson Frisbie
  by Monty Roessel
Kinsmen of Another Kind
  by Gary Clayton Anderson
Kiowa Military Societies
  by William C Meadows
  by Johann Georg Kohl
Knots on a Counting Rope
  by Bill, Jr Martin
Labor's Lot
  by Elizabeth A Povinelli
Lakota and Cheyenne
  by Jerome A Greene
Lakota Belief and Ritual
  by James R Walker
Lakota English Dictionary
  by Eugene Buechel, S.J.
Lakota Healer
  by Marco Ridomi
Lakota Keyboard and Fonts Bundle
  by Lakota Language Consortium
Lakota Language Book / CD
  by Peter V. Catches
Lakota Language Textbook - Level 1
  by Lakota Language Consortium
Lakota Language Textbook - Level 2
  by Lakota Language Consortium
Lakota Language Textbook Audio CD - Level 1
  by Lakota Language Consortium
Lakota Language Textbook Audio CD - Level 2
  by Lakota Language Consortium
Lakota Language Workbook & CD - Book One
  by Peter V. Catches
Lakota Language Workbook & CD - Book Two
  by Peter V. Catches
Lakota Myth
  by James R Walker
Lakota Noon
  by Gregory F Michno
Lakota Portraits
  by Joseph Agonito
Lakota Recollections of the Custer Fight
  by Richard G Hardorff
Lakota Society
  by James R Walker
Lakota Woman
  by Mary Crow Dog
Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions
  by John Lame Deer
Land of the Spotted Eagle
  by Luther Standing Bear
Lanterns on the Prairie
  by Steven L Grafe
Last of the Mohicans
  by James Fenimore Cooper
Ledger Narratives
  by Colin G Calloway
Left Handed, Son of Old Man Hat
  by Walter Dyk
Legend of Sleeping Bear
  by Kathy Wargin
Legends of the Delaware Indians and Picture Writing
  by Richard C Adams
Legends of the Iroquois
  by Tehanetorens
Legends of the Seminoles
  by Betty M Jumper
Legends of the Yosemite Miwok
  by Harry Fonseca
Lena Taku Waste, These Good Things
  by Bill Mercer
Les Sauvages Americains
  by Gordon M Sayre
Lessons of a Lakota
  by Billy Mills
Let Me Be Free
  by David Sievert Lavender
Let's Speak Chickasaw
  by Pamela Munro
Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Conditions of North American
  by George Catlin
Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Conditions of the North Amer
  by George Catlin
Lewis and Clark among the Indians
  by James P Ronda
Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes
  by Alvin M Josephy Jr
Lewis H. Morgan on Iroquois Material Culture
  by Elisabeth Tooker
Life Among the Piutes
  by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins
Life Among the Texas Indians
  by David La Vere
Life Amongst the Modocs
  by Joaquin Miller
Life Lived Like a Story
  by Julie Cruikshank
Life of George Bent
  by George E Hyde
Life's Journey - Zuya
  by Albert White Hat
Life, Letters and Speeches
  by George Copway
Light in the Crevice Never Seen
  by Haunani-Kay Trask
Lightning Within
  by Alan R Velie
Like a Hurricane
  by Paul Chaat Smith
Listening to Our Ancestors
  by Smithsonian American Indian
Little Bit Know Something
  by Robin Ridington
Little Bit of Wisdom
  by Horace Axtell
Little Black, A Pony
  by Walter Farley
Little Chief's Gatherings
  by James A Hanson
Living in Two Worlds
  by Charles A Eastman
Living Like Indians:
  by Allan A Macfarlan
Living the Sky
  by Ray A Williamson
Living Tradition of Maria Martinez
  by Susan Peterson
Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock
  by Blue Clark
Long Powwow Nights!
  by David Bouchard
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
  by Hilary Stewart
Lushootseed Texts
  by Crisca Bierwert
Mabel McKay
  by Greg Sarris
  by Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh
Main Stalk
  by John R Farella
Make a Beautiful Way
  by Barbara Alice Mann
Making Peace with Cochise
  by Joseph Alton Sladen
Mama, Do You Love Me?
  by Barbara M Joosse
Mammals of North America
  by Sarah E Boehme
Manifest Manners
  by Gerald Vizenor
  by Wilma Pearl Mankiller
Manual for the Peacemaker
  by Jean Houston
March of the Montana Column
  by James H Bradley
  by Al Marriott
Maria Making Pottery
  by Hazel Hyde
Marietta Wetherill
  by Kathryn Gabriel
Mary Jemison
  by Rayna M Gangi
Mashpee Indians
  by Jack Campisi
Masked Gods
  by Frank Waters
Masks of Difference
  by D Richards
Masterworks from the Heard Museum
McIntosh and Weatherford
  by Benjamin W Griffith
Me Funny
  by Drew Hayden Taylor
Mediation In Contemporary Native American Fiction
  by James Ruppert
Medical Herbalism
  by David Hoffmann
Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West
  by Michael Moore
Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie
  by Kelly Kindscher
Medicine Cards
  by Jamie Sams
Medicine Hat
  by Don Coldsmith
Medicine Wheel Ceremonies
  by Cindy Rodberg
Medicine Women Curanderas and Women Doctors
  by Bobette Perrone
Meditations with Animals
  by Gerald Hausman
Meditations with the Navajo
  by Gerald Hausman
Melanie Bluelake's Dream
  by Betty Dorion
Memory and Vision
  by Emma I Hansen
Men as Women, Women as Men
  by Sabine Lang
Men’s Fancy Dancer
Messengers of the Wind
  by Jane B Katz
Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House
  by Frank G Speck
Miranda's Last Stand
  by Gloria Whelan
Mission Among the Blackfeet
  by Howard L Harrod
Missions of the Central Coast
  by Lerner
Missions of the Inland Valleys
  by Lerner
Missions of the Southern Coast
  by Lerner
  by Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh
  by Cheewa James
  by Maricel E Presilla
Molded in the Image of Changing Woman
  by Maureen Schwarz
Molly Spotted Elk
  by Bunny McBride
Momaday, Vizenor, Armstrong
  by Hartwig Isernhagen
Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples
  by Jeff Hart
Montana's Indians
  by William L Bryan
Moon Dancer
  by Margaret I Rostkowski
Moon of Popping Trees
  by Rex Alan Smith
More Than Moccasins
  by Laurie Carlson
Morning Girl
  by Michael Dorris
Morning Star Gallery Catalog - Volume 6
Mother Earth
  by Sam D Gill
Mother Earth Spirituality
  by Ed McGaa
Mother Earth, Father Sky
  by Marcia Keegan
Mounds of Earth and Shell
  by Bonnie Shemie
Mountain Windsong
  by Robert J Conley
Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder
  by Nancy O Lurie
Mourning Dove
  by Mourning Dove
Mullet on the Beach
  by Patricia C Griffin
My Captivity Among the Sioux Indians
  by Fanny Kelly
My Indian Boyhood
  by Luther Standing Bear
Mythic Beings
  by Gary Wyatt
Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest
  by Katharine B Judson
Myths and Legends of the Sioux
  by Marie L McLaughlin
Myths and Tales of the Chiricahua Apache Indians
  by Morris Edward Opler
Myths and Tales of the Jicarilla Apache Indians
  by Morris Edward Opler
Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians
  by John R Swanton
Myths and Traditions of the Arikara Indians
  by Douglas R Parks
Myths of Pre-Columbian America
  by Donald A MacKenzie
N. Scott Momaday
  by Matthias Schubnell
Nations of the Northeast Coast
  by Bobbie D Kalman
Nations of the Southeast
  by Bobbie D Kalman
Native America in the Twentieth Century
  by Mary B Davis
Native American Affairs and the Department of Defense
  by David Rubenson
Native American Animal Stories
  by Joseph Bruchac
Native American Autobiography
  by Arnold Krupat
Native American Beadwork
  by William C Orchard
Native American Beadwork
  by Georg Barth
Native American Communities in Wisconsin, 1600-1960
  by Robert E Bieder
Native American Courtship & Marriage
  by Leslie Gourse
Native American Ethnobotany
  by Daniel E Moerman
Native American Games and Stories
  by James Bruchac
Native American Gardening
  by Michael J Caduto
Native American History
  by Judith Nies
Native American History for Kids
  by Karen Bush Gibson
Native American Hunting and Fighting Skills
  by Colin F Taylor
Native American Interactions
  by Michael S Nassaney
Native American Legends
  by George Lankford
Native American Mathematics
  by Michael P Closs
Native American Medicinal Plants
  by Daniel E Moerman
Native American Perspectives on Literature and History
  by Alan R Velie
Native American Placenames of the United States
  by William Bright
Native American Prophecies
  by Scott Peterson
Native American Religion
  by Joel W Martin
Native American Religious Identity
  by Jace Weaver
Native American Rock Art
  by Yvette La Pierre
Native American Stories
  by Joseph Bruchac
Native American Tarot
  by Lo Scarabeo
Native American Verbal Art
  by William M Clements
Native American Wisdom
  by Kent Nerburn
Native American Wisdom
  by Edward S Curtis
Native American Wisdom Navajo, Hopi, Lakota
  by Terry P Wilson
Native American Writing in the Native Southeast
  by Daniel F Littlefield
Native Americans
  by Kurt Haderer
Native Americans - Edward S. Curtis
  by Edward S Curtis
Native Americans and the Early Republic
  by Frederick E Hoxie
Native Americans in the Twentieth Century
  by James S Olson
Native Americans of California and Nevada
  by Jack D Forbes
Native Arts of North America, Africa, and the South Pacific
  by George A Corbin
Native Arts of the Columbia Plateau
  by Susan Harless
Native Canadian Anthropology and History, rev ed
  by Shepard Krech
Native Harvests
  by E. Barrie Kavash
Native Land
  by Mary Ann Wells
Native North America
  by Larry Zimmerman
Native North American Almanac
  by Cynthia Rose
Native North American Art
  by Janet Catherine Berlo
Native North American Biography
  by Sharon Malinowski
Native North American Foods and Recipes
  by Bobbie D Kalman
Native North American Spirituality of the Eastern Woodlands
  by Elizabeth Tooker
Native North American Voices
  by Gale Research Inc
Native North American Wisdom and Gifts
  by Bobbie D Kalman
Native Paths:
Native People of Southern New England, 1500-1650
  by Kathleen J Bragdon
Native People, Native Ways Series
  by White Deer of Autumn
Native Plant Stories
  by Joseph Bruchac
Native Resistance and the Pax Colonial in New Spain
  by Susan Schroeder
Native Roots
  by Jack Weatherford
Native Science
  by Gregory Cajete
Native Universe
  by Gerald McMaster
Native Ways
  by Malcolm Margolin
Native Wisdom for White Minds
  by Anne Wilson Schaef
Natives and Academics
  by Devon A Mihesuah
Navaho Indian Myths
  by Aileen O'Bryan
Navaho Trading Days
  by Elizabeth Compton Hegemann
Navajo and Tibetan Sacred Wisdom
  by Peter Gold
Navajo Coyote Tales
  by Father Berard Haile, O. F. M.
Navajo Kinship and Marriage
  by Gary Witherspoon
Navajo Long Walk
  by Nancy Armstrong
Navajo Sacred Places
  by Klara Bonsack Kelley
Navajo Women
  by Betty Reid
Navajo-English Dictionary
  by Davidovic Mladen
Navajos Wear Nikes
  by Jim Kristofic
New England Encounters
  by Alden T Vaughan
New England Frontier, 3rd edition
  by Alden T Vaughan
New Lakota Dictionary - 2nd Edition
New World Babel
  by Edward G Gray
New Worlds for All
  by Colin G Calloway
Nez Perce Coyote Tales
  by Deward E Walker
Nez Perce Women in Transition, 1877-1990
  by Caroline James
Night Flying Woman
  by Ignatia Broker
Night of the Full Moon
  by Gloria Whelan
No Parole Today
  by Laura Tohe
No Turning Back
  by Polingaysi Qoyawayma
North Alaska Chronicle
  by John Martin Campbell
North America
  by Bruce G Trigger
North American Bows, Arrows, and Quivers
  by Otis Tufton Mason
North American Indian Activity Book
  by Winky Adam
North American Indian Beadwork Patterns
  by Pamela Stanley-Millner
North American Indian Tales
  by W T Larned
North American Indians
  by Douglas W Gorsline
Northeastern Indian Lives, 1632-1816
  by Robert S Grumet
Northern Haida Songs
  by John Enrico
Northwest Coast Indian Designs
  by Madeline Obran-Szontagh
Northwest Coast Indian Painting
  by Edward Malin
Northwest Coast Indians Coloring Book
  by David Rickman
Northwest Indian Design Coloring Book
  by Caren Caraway
Notable Native Americans
  by Sharon Malinowski
Now is the Hour
  by Elisabeth Dietz
Now That the Buffalos Gone
  by Alvin M Josephy
Now the Wolf Has Come
  by Christine Schultz White
Numbers from Nowhere
  by David Henige
O Brave New Words!
  by Charles L Cutler
Of Earth and Elders
  by Serle Chapman
Of Earth and Little Rain
  by Bernard L Fontana
Off the Reservation
  by Paula Gunn Allen
Offering Smoke
  by Jordan Paper
Oglala Religion
  by William K Powers
Ohio Hopewell
  by William S Dancey
Ohitika Woman
  by Mary Brave Bird
  by Raymond Wilson
Ojibwa Warrior
  by Dennis Banks
Ojibway Ceremonies
  by Basil H Johnston
Ojibway Heritage
  by Basil H Johnston
Ojibway Tales
  by Basil H Johnston
  by Thomas Peacock
Ojibwe in Minnesota
  by Anton Steven Treuer
Old Bag of Bones
  by Janet Stevens
Old Father Story Teller
  by Pablita Velarde
Old Indian Trails
  by Walter McClintock
Old Man Coyote
  by Frank B Linderman
On Mother's Lap
  by Ann Herbert Scott
On Our Own Ground
  by William Apess
One Hundred Summers
  by Candice Greene
One Hundred Years of Old Man Sage
  by Jeffrey D Anderson
Only Approved Indians
  by Jack D Forbes
Only the Names Remain
  by Alex W Bealer
  by Willard H Rollings
Osage Dictionary
  by Carolyn Quintero
Osage Life and Legends
  by Robert M Liebert
Osceola, Patriot and Warrior
  by Moses Jumper
Other Destinies
  by Louis Owens
Our Hearts Fell to the Ground
  by Colin G Calloway
Our Hearts Fell to the Ground
  by Colin G Calloway
Our Tellings
  by Darwin Hanna
Over the Earth I Come
  by Duane Schultz
Pages from Hopi History
  by Harry C James
Painting the Wild Frontier
  by Susanna Reich
Parker on the Iroquius
  by Arthur Caswell Parker
Partial Justice
  by Petra T Shattuck
Partial Justice
  by Petra T Shattuck
Paths of Life
  by Thomas E Sheridan
Patrick Des Jarlait
  by Neva Williams
Pattern, Breechclout & Leggings
Pattern, Buckskin Pants
Pattern, Cherokee / Southeastern Moccasins
Pattern, Cherokee Man's Ribbon Shirt
Pattern, Cherokee Tear Dress
Pattern, Child's Capote
Pattern, Child's Cloth Dress
Pattern, Child's Jingle Dress
Pattern, Child's Plains Moccasins
Pattern, Child's Ribbon Shirt
Pattern, Drop Sleeve Shirt
Pattern, Eastern Hunting Shirt
Pattern, Eastern Longhunter's Accessories
Pattern, Free Trapper Hat
Pattern, Grass Dance Outfit
Pattern, Indian Women's Accessories
Pattern, Jingle Dress
Pattern, Mountain Man Work Shirt
Pattern, Plains Indian Buckskin Dress
Pattern, Plains Indian Cloth Dress
Pattern, Plains Style Hi-Top Moccasins
Pattern, Plains Style Moccasins
Pattern, Plains War Shirt
Pattern, Ribbon Shirt
Pattern, Rifleman's Hunting Frock
Pattern, Ruffle Front Shirt
Pattern, Southern Plains Flap Leggings
Pattern, Southern Plains Tab Leggings
Pattern, Strait Dance Suit
Pattern, The Capote
Pattern, Tradecloth Dress
Pattern, Trapper's Buckskin Shirt
Pattern, Voyagers Shirt
Patterns and Ceremonials of the Indians of the Southwest
  by Ira Moskowitz
Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West
  by Allen L Farnum
Pawnee Passage, 1870-1875
  by Martha Royce Blaine
Peace & Friendship
  by Francis Paul Prucha
People of the Blue Water
  by Flora Gregg Iliff
People of the Circle
  by Chris Roberts
People of the Dalles
  by Robert Boyd
People of the Peyote
  by Stacy B Schaefer
People of the Wind River
  by Henry E Stamm
Peoples of the Plains
  by Thomas E Mails
Peoples of the Plateau
  by Steven L Grafe
Pequots in Southern New England
  by Laurence M Hauptman
  by Liz Sonneborn
Personal Recollections and Observations of General Nelson A. Miles
  by Nelson A Miles
  by Edward F Anderson
  by Edward F Anderson
Peyote Hunt
  by Barbara G Myerhoff
Peyote Religion
  by Omer Call Stewart
Phoenix Indian School
  by Dorothy R Parker
Phoenix Rising
  by Mary Summer Rain
Picture Writing of the American Indians
  by Garrick Mallery
Picture-Writing of the American Indians
  by Garrick Mallery
Pieces of White Shell
  by Terry Tempest Williams
Pipe, Bible, and Peyote Among the Oglala Lakota
  by Paul B Steinmetz
Place of the Pretend People
  by Carolyn Kremers
Plains Apache Ethnobotany
  by Julia A Jordan
Plains Indian Art
  by John C Ewers
Plains Indian Designs
  by Caren Caraway
Plains Indian Drawings, 1865-1935
  by Janet Catherine Berlo
Plains Indian Knife Sheaths
  by Alex Kozlov
Plains Indian Raiders
  by Wilbur Sturtevant Nye
Plains Indians Regalia & Customs
  by Howard Bad Hand
Planning for Balanced Development
  by Susan Guyette
Plants of Power - Revised Edition
  by Alfred Savinelli
Playing Indian
  by Philip J Deloria
Plenty Coups Chief of Crows
  by Frank B Linderman
Po Pai Mo
  by Robert Boissiere
  by Jan Gleiter
  by Andy Holmes
  by Grace Steele Woodward
Pocahontas's People
  by Helen C Rountree
Political Leaders and Peacemakers
  by Victoria Sherrow
  by Barbara Gray-Kanatiiosh
Portage Lake
  by Maude Kegg
Portraits of Native Americans
  by Charles H Carpenter
  by R David Edmunds
  by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Pottery by American Indian Women
  by Susan Peterson
Pottery Techniques of Native North America
  by John Kennardh White
Pow Wow
  by George Horse Capture
Pow Wow Trail
  by Julia C White
POW-WOW: Dancer's and Craftworker's Handbook
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Power of Silence
  by Carlos Castaneda
Powerful Images
  by Sarah E Boehme
Powhatan's Mantle
  by Peter H Wood
Powhatan's Mantle
  by Gregory A Waselkov
Powhatan's World and Colonial Virginia
  by Frederic W Gleach
  by George Ancona
  by Ben Marra
Powwow Activity Book
  by Sandy Hummingbird
Powwow Country
  by Chris Roberts
Prairie Smoke
  by Melvin R Gilmore
President Washington's Indian War
  by Wiley Sword
Pretty Shield
  by Frank B Linderman
Prison Writings
  by Leonard F Peltier
Privileging the Past
  by Judith Ostrowitz
Promise is a Promise
  by Robert N Munsch
  by Vincent Scully
Pueblo and Navajo Indian Life Today
  by Kris Hotvedt
Pueblo Artists
  by Toba Tucker
Pueblo Girls
  by Marcia Keegan
Pueblo Gods and Myths
  by Hamilton A Tyler
Pueblo Indian Cookbook
  by Phyllis Hughes
Pueblo Indian Embroidery
  by H P Mera
Pueblo Indian Religion
  by Elsie Clews Parsons
Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1696 and the Franciscan Missions in New Mexi
  by J Manuel Espinosa
Pueblo Nations
  by Joe S Sando
Pueblo People
  by Marcia Keegan
Pueblo Profiles
  by Joe S Sando
Pueblo Storyteller
  by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith
Pumpkin Seed Point
  by Frank Waters
Quanah Parker
  by Rosemary K Kissinger
Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief
  by William T Hagan
Queen of Dreams
  by Heather Valencia
Quest for Empire
  by Donald Cutter
Racing the Sun
  by Paul Pitts
Rainbow Crow
  by Nancy Van Laan
Rainhouse and Ocean
  by Ruth Murray Underhill
  by Gerald McDermott
Raven Travelling
  by Daina Augaitis
Raven's Village
  by Canadian Museum of Civilization
Reading and Writing the Lakota Language
  by Albert White Hat
Reading the Fire
  by Jarold Ramsey
Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens
  by Devon A Mihesuah
Red Blood
  by Jack Forbes
Red Cloud
  by Robert W Larson
Red Cloud's Folk
  by George E Hyde
Red Earth, White Lies
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Red Jacket
  by Arthur Caswell Parker
Red Jacket
  by Christopher Densmore
Red Lake Nation
  by Charles Brill
Red Man's Land/White Man's Law
  by Wilcomb E Washburn
Red Man's Religion
  by Ruth Murray Underhill
Red on Red
  by Craig S Womack
Red Power
  by Alvin M Josephy Jr
Red World and White
  by John Rogers
Reformers and Activists
  by Nancy J Nielsen
Religions of American Indians
  by Ake Hultkrantz
Removal Aftershock
  by Jane F Lancaster
Renegade Tribe
  by Clifford E Trafzer
Renewing the World
  by Howard L Harrod
  by Ted C Williams
Restoring a Presence
  by Peter Nabokov
Rethinking American Indian History
  by Donald L Fixico
Return of the Sun
  by Joseph Bruchac
Reuben Snake, Your Humble Serpent
  by Jay C Fikes
Rez Life
  by David Treuer
Rio del Norte
  by Carroll L Riley
Rising Voices
  by Arlene B Hirschfelder
Rites of Conquest
  by Charles E Cleland
Ritual and Honor
  by Max Carocci
Ritual and Myth Odawa Revitalization
  by Melissa A Pflug
Road on Which We Came
  by Steven J Crum
Robes of Splendor
  by George P Horse Capture
Rolling Thunder Speaks
  by Rolling Thunder
Roots of Survival
  by Joseph Bruchac
Rosebud Sioux
  by Donovin Sprague
Runner in the Sun
  by D'Arcy McNickle
Running Bear
  by George McMullen
Runs with Horses
  by Brian Burks
Saanii Dahataa, the Women Are Singing
  by Luci Tapahonso
  by Jan Gleiter
  by Meryl Henderson
Sacred Earth
  by Arthur Versluis
Sacred Hoops
  by Phil Jackson
Sacred Land, Sacred View
  by Robert S McPherson
Sacred Path Cards
  by Jamie Sams
Sacred Pipe
  by Joseph Epes Brown
Sacred Plant Medicine
  by Stephen Buhner
Sacred Revolt
  by Joel W Martin
Sacred Sites
  by Susan Suntree
Sacred Smoke
  by Harvest McCampbell
Saga of Chief Joseph
  by Helen Addison Howard
Samson Occom and the Christian Indians of New England
  by W Deloss Love
Sarah Winnemucca of the Northern Piautes
  by Gae W Canfield
  by Charles M, III Robinson
  by Charles M, III Robinson
Scalp Dance
  by Thomas Goodrich
Schism and Continuity in an African Society
  by Victor Turner
Scholars, Writers, and Professionals
  by Claire M Wilson
Schoolcraft's Indian Legends
  by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Schoolcraft's Ojibwa Lodge Stories
  by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Science Encounters the Indian, 1820-1880
  by Robert E Bieder
Screaming Hawk
  by Patton L Boyle
Screaming Hawk Returns
  by Patton L Boyle
Search for an American Indian Identity
  by Hazel W Hertzberg
Searching for Red Eagle
  by Mary Ann Wells
Seeds of Empire
  by Max M Mintz
Sees Behind Trees
  by Michael Dorris
Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture, and Personality
  by Edward Sapir
  by Marilou Awiakta
Seminole Burning
  by Daniel F Littlefield
Seth Eastman
  by Sarah E Boehme
Seven Clans of the Cherokee Society
  by Marcelina Reed
Sex and Conquest
  by Richard C Trexler
Shadows of the Indian
  by Raymond William Stedman
Shadows on Glass
  by Patricia Janis Broder
Shadows on the Koyukuk
  by Sidney Huntington
  by Sandra King
  by Karen Kramer Russell
Sharing the Gift of Lakota Song
  by R.D. Theisz
Shasta Indian Tales
  by Rosemary Holsinger
Shawnee Prophet
  by R David Edmunds
She Sang Promise
  by Jan Godown Annino
She's Tricky Like Coyote
  by Lionel Youst
Sheridan's Troopers on the Border
  by De B Randolph Keim
Shooting Back from the Reservation
  by Jim Hubbard
Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion
  by Judith Vander
Sign Language Among North American Indians
  by Garrick Mallery
Silver Horn
  by Candice Greene
Sing Down the Moon
  by Scott O'Dell
Sing Down the Rain
  by Judi Moreillon
Sing with the Heart of a Bear
  by Kenneth Lincoln
Singing an Indian Song
  by Dorothy R Parker
Singing for a Spirit
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Singing Spirit
  by Bernd C Peyer
Sioux Indian Religion
  by Raymond J Demallie
Sister to the Sioux
  by Elaine Goodale Eastman
Sitting Bull
  by George Custer
Six Nations of New York
  by Robert Venables
Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees
  by Sarah F Wakefield
Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees
  by Sarah F Wakefield
Sixth Grandfather
  by Raymond J Demallie
  by Joanne Shenandoah-Tekalihwa
Sliammon Life, Sliammon Lands
  by Dorothy Kennedy
Smoke Signals
  by Sherman Alexie
Soft Child
  by Joe Hayes
Some Things Are Not Forgotten
  by Martha Royce Blaine
Somebody Always Singing You
  by Kaylynn Twotrees
Son of 2 Bloods
  by Vincent L Mendoza
  by Stig Holmas
Song of Rita Joe
  by Rita Joe
Song of the Sky
  by Brian Swann
  by Judith Vander
Songs from the Loom
  by Monty Roessel
Songs of Power and Prayer in the Columbia Plateau
  by Chad Hamill
Songs of the Tewa
  by Herbert Joseph Spinden
  by Robert D San Souci
Sorrow in Our Heart
  by Allan W Eckert
Source Material on the History and Ethnology of the Caddo Indians
  by John R Swanton
Southwest Indian Design Stained Glass Coloring Book
  by Carol Krez
Southwest Indian Designs
  by Caren Caraway
Southwest Indian Life Stickers
  by Steven James Petruccio
Southwestern Pottery
  by Allan Hayes
Sparrow Hawk Red
  by Ben Mikaelsen
Spider Woman Stories
  by G M Mullett
Spider Woman's Granddaughters
  by Paula Gunn Allen
Spiderwoman's Dream
  by Alicia Otis
Spirit and Reason
  by Vine, Jr Deloria
Spirit Beings and Sun Dancers
  by Janet Catherine Berlo
Spirit Capture
  by Tim Johnson
Spirit Healing
  by Mary Dean Atwood
Spirit of Powwow
  by Kay Johnston
Spirit of the First People
  by Willie Smyth
Spirit of the Ojibwe
  by Sara Balbin
Spirit of the White Bison
  by Beatrice Culleton
Spirit Song
  by Mary Summer Rain
Spirits of the Earth
  by Bobby Lake-Thom
Spiritual Encounters
  by Nicholas Griffiths
Splendid Heritage
  by John Warnock
Spoken Cree Level II
  by C Douglas Ellis
Spotted Tail's Folk
  by George E Hyde
Standing Bear and the Ponca Chiefs
  by Thomas Henry Tibbles
Standing in the Light
  by Severt Young Bear
Star Boy
  by Paul Goble
Star Medicine
  by Wolf Moondance
  by Gerald Hausman
Still Chasing Rainbows
  by Barry Friedman
Stories and Images of What the Horse Has Done
  by Bill Cohen
Stories of the People
  by National Museum of the American Indian
Stories That Make the World
  by Lawrence Aripa
Storms Brewed in Other Mens Worlds
  by Elizabeth A H John
Story of Lynx
  by Claude Levi-Strauss
  by Leslie Marmon Silko
Strange Empire
  by Joseph Kinsey Howard
Strange Journey
  by Louise Lone Dog
Streams to the River, River to the Sea
  by Scott O'Dell
Strength of the Earth
  by Christopher Densmore
Strong Heart Song
  by Lance Henson
Strong Hearts
  by Aperture
Studies in American Indian Literature
  by Paula Gunn Allen
Studying Native America
  by Russell Thornton
Summer People, Winter People
  by Sandra A Edelman
Sun Chief
  by Leo W Simmons
  by John Joseph Mathews
Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes
  by Margaret M Wheat
  by Thomas Spear
Swamp Sailors in the Second Seminole Ware
  by George E Buker
Sweet Medicine
  by Peter J Powell
  by Jan Hudson
Systems of Consanguinity and Affinity of the Human Family
  by Lewis Henry Morgan
Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo
  by Hinrich Rink
Tales of a Pueblo Boy
  by Lawrence Vallo
Tales of Power
  by Carlos Castaneda
Tales of the Tepee
  by Edward Everett Dale
Talking to the Ground
  by Douglas J Preston
Talking to the Moon
  by John Joseph Mathews
Tanaina Tales from Alaska
  by Bill Vaudrin
Taos Tales
  by Elsie Clews Parasons
Tapestries in Sand
  by David Villasenor
Tatanka and the Lakota People
  by Donald F Montileaux
Teaching American Indian Students
  by Jon Reyhner
Teachings from the American Earth
  by Dennis Tedlock
Teachings of Nature
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Technology Connections for Native American
  by Jennifer Prior
  by John Sugden
Tecumseh's Last Stand
  by John Sugden
Tell Them We Are Going Home
  by John H Monnett
Ten Little Rabbits
  by Virginia Grossman
Tewa World
  by Alfonso Ortiz
Texas Indian Myths and Legends
  by Jane Archer
The Alabama-Coushatta Indians
  by Jonathan Hook
The Algonquin Birchbark Canoe
  by David Gidmark
The Allegany Senecas and Kinzua Dam
  by Joy A Bilharz
The Ambiguous Iroquois Empire
  by Francis Jennings
The American Indian and the End of the Confederacy, 1863-1866
  by Annie Heloise Abel
The American Indian Parfleche
  by Gaylord Torrence
The American Indians
  by Edward H Spicer
The American Pueblo Indian Activity Book
  by Walter D Yoder
The Apaches
  by Donald E Worcester
The Apalachee Indians and Mission San Luis
  by John H Hann
The Arctic Sky
  by John MacDonald
The Arikara Narrative of Custer's Campaign and the Battle of the Little Big
  by Orin Grant Libby
The Art of the Native American Flute
  by R Carlos Nakai
The Artist & the Missionary
  by Buffalo Bill Historical Center
The Assiniboine
  by Edwin Thompson Denig
The Bannock of Idaho
  by Brigham D Madsen
The Battle of the Little Bighorn
  by Mark Henckel
The Bear-Walker
  by Basil H Johnston
The Bedbugs' Night Dance and Other Hopi Tales of Sexual Encounter
  by Ekkehart Malotki
The Birchbark House
  by Louise Erdrich
The Black Seminoles
  by Kenneth W Porter
The Blizzard's Robe
  by Robert Sabuda
The Boy & His Mud Horses
  by Paul Goble
The Boy Who Made Dragonfly
  by Tony Hillerman
The British Museum Encyclopedia of Native North America
  by Rayna Green
The Caddo Chiefdoms
  by David La Vere
The Caddo Nation
  by Timothy K Perttula
The Cayuse Indians
  by Robert H Ruby
The Cherokee Full Circle
  by J T Garrett
The Cherokee Herbal
  by J T Garrett
The Cherokee Nation - A History
  by Robert J Conley
The Cherokees
  by Grace Steele Woodward
The Cherokees
  by Russell Thornton
The Cherokees Past and Present
  by J Edward Sharpe
The Cheyenne
  by Andrew Santella
The Cheyenne Indians
  by George Bird Grinnell
The Cheyenne Indians, Volume 1
  by George Bird Grinnell
The Cheyenne Indians, Volume 2
  by George Bird Grinnell
The Chilliwacks and Their Neighbors
  by Oliver Wells
The Chippewas of Lake Superior
  by Edmund Jefferson Danzinger
The Comanches
  by Thomas W Kavanagh
The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence
  by Robert T Boyd
The Complete Book of Seminole Patchwork
  by Beverly Rush
The Conquest of America
  by Tzvetan Todorov
The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War After the Conquest of Canada
  by Francis Parkman
The Cosmic Serpent
  by Jeremy Narby
The Courage of Sarah Noble
  by Alice Dalgliesh
The Coyote Bead
  by Gerald Hausman
The Creek
  by Shirlee P Newman
The Crooked Beak of Love
  by Duane Niatum
The Crooked Stovepipe
  by Craig Mishler
The Crow Indians
  by Robert H Lowie
The Dakota or Sioux in Minnesota as They Were in 1834
  by Samuel W Pond
The Dance House
  by Joseph, III Marshall
The Dancing Healers
  by Carl A Hammerschlag
The Dawes Commission and the Allotment of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1893-1
  by Kent Carter
The Day the World Ended at Little Bighorn
  by Joseph, III Marshall
The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca
  by Anthony F C Wallace
The Delaware Indians
  by C A Weslager
The Double Life of Pocahontas
  by Jean Fritz
The Dream Seekers
  by Lee Irwin
The Dust Rose Like Smoke
  by James O Gump
The Eagle's Gift
  by Carlos Castaneda
The Early Kachemak Phase on Kodiak Island at Old Kiavak
  by Donald W Clark
The Earth Made New
  by Paul Goble
The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet
  by Joseph Bruchac
The Ecological Indian
  by Shepard Krech
The Encyclopedia of Native Music
  by Brian Wright-McLeod
The End of Indian Kansas
  by Craig Miner
The Enduring Seminoles
  by Patsy West
The Eskimos
  by Ernest S, Jr Burch
The European Conquest of North America
  by Constance Jones
The Eyes of Chief Seattle
  by Suquamish Museum
The False Faces of the Iroquois
  by William N Fenton
The Far West
  by J Norman Heard
The Fatal Environment
  by Richard Slotkin
The Feathered Heart
  by Mark Turcotte
The Feathered Sun
  by Frithjof Schuon
The Fighting Cheyennes
  by George Bird Grinnell
The First Americans
  by Joy Hakim
The First Koshare
  by Alicia Otis
The First Nations of British Columbia
  by Robert James Muckle
The First Strawberries
  by Joseph Bruchac
The Five Civilized Tribes
  by Grant Foreman
The Five Crows Ledger
  by James D Keyser
The Four Hills of Life
  by Thomas Peacock
The Four Hills of Life
  by Jeffrey D Anderson
The Fourth World of the Hopis
  by Harold Courlander
The Fox Wars
  by R David Edmunds
The Ghost-Dance Religion and the Sioux Outbreak of 1890
  by James Mooney
The Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee
  by James Mooney
The Gift of the Sacred Pipe
  by Vera L Drysdale
The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow
  by Ann Rinaldi
The Girl Who Dreamed Only Geese, and Other Tales of the Far North
  by Howard Norman
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
  by Paul Goble
The Glorious Quest of Chief Washakie
  by Ralph H Tillman
The Good Path
  by Thomas Peacock
The Gospel of the Redman
  by Ernest Thompson Seton
The Gospel of the Redman
  by Ernest Thompson Seton
The Grand Hall
  by Leslie H Tepper
The Grandfathers Speak
  by Hitakonanulaxk
The Great Change
  by White Deer of Autumn
The Great Father
  by Francis Paul Prucha
The Great Kiva
  by Phillips Kloss
The Great Law and the Longhouse
  by William N Fenton
The Hako
  by Alice C Fletcher
The Hands Feel It
  by Edith Turner
The Hasinais
  by Herbert Eugene Bolton
The Heart is Fire
  by Deborah Dozier
The Heiltsuks
  by Michael E Harkin
The Herbal Handbook
  by David Hoffmann
The History of Philip's War
  by Thomas Church
The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains
  by Preston Holder
The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains
  by Preston Holder
The Hoop of Peace
  by Jan Havnen-Finley
The Hopi Survival Kit
  by Thomas E Mails
The Hopi Way
  by Robert Boissiere
The Hunt for Willie Boy
  by James A Sandos
The Imperial Osages
  by Gilbert C Din
The Indian in the Cupboard
  by Lynne Reid Banks
The Indian Peoples of Eastern America
  by James Axtell
The Indian Reform Letters of Helen Hunt Jackson, 1879-1885
  by Helen Hunt Jackson
The Indian Sign Language
  by W P Clark
The Indian Southwest, 1580-1830
  by Gary Clayton Anderson
The Indian Tipi, 2nd Edition
  by Reginald Laubin
The Indian Tribes of North America
  by John R Swanton
The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great L
  by Emma H Blair
The Indians in American Society
  by Francis Paul Prucha
The Indians in Oklahoma
  by Rennard Strickland
The Indians of Louisiana
  by Fred B Kniffen
The Indians of Southern California in 1852
  by B D Wilson
The Indians of the Southwest
  by Edward Everett Dale
The Invasion of Indian Country in the 20th Century
  by Donald L Fixico
The Ioway Indians
  by Martha Royce Blaine
The Iroquois
  by Dean R Snow
The Iroquois in the American Revolution
  by Barbara Graymont
The Iroquois in the Civil War
  by Laurence M Hauptman
The Iroquois in the War of 1812
  by Carl Benn
The Iroquois Restoration
  by Richard Aquila
The Journey of Crazy Horse
  by Joseph, III Marshall
The Kalispel Indians
  by John R Fahey
The Kansa Indians
  by William E Unrau
The Key to the Indian
  by Lynne Reid Banks
The Killing of Crazy Horse
  by Thomas Powers
The King of the World in the Land of the Pygmies
  by Joan Mark
The Kiowas, 2nd ed
  by Mildred P Mayhall
The Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge
  by Raymond A Bucko
The Lakota Sioux
  by Andrew Santella
The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
  by Archie Fire Lame Deer
The Lakota Way
  by Joseph, III Marshall
The Lakotas and the Black Hills
  by Jeffrey Ostler
The Lance and the Shield
  by Robert M Utley
The Last Algonquin
  by Theodore L Kazamiroff
The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
  by Jewel Grutman
The Legacy of D'Arcy McNickle
  by John Lloyd Purdy
The Legend of the Bluebonnet
  by Tomie de Paola
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
  by Tomie de Paola
The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman
  by Paul Goble
The Life and Times of James Willard Schultz (Apikuni)
  by Warren L Hanna
The Light People
  by Gordon, Jr Henry
The Lightning Stick
  by H Henrietta Stockel
The Lightning Within
  by Alan R Velie
The Little Water Medicine Society of The Senecas
  by William N Fenton
The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks
  by Ann Fienup-Riordan
The Long Crossing
  by Neva Powell
The Long Death
  by Ralph K Andrist
The Longest Ride
  by Denise Lewis Patrick
The Lost Children
  by Paul Goble
The Magic Hummingbird
  by Ekkehart Malotki
The Magic World
  by William Brandon
The Maidu Indian Myths and Stories of Hanc'ibyjim
  by William Shipley
The Making of Sacagawea
  by Donna J Kessler
The Man Made of Words
  by N Scott Momaday
The Manitous
  by Basil H Johnston
The Massacre at Sand Creek
  by Bruce Cutler
The Medicine Men
  by Thomas H Lewis
The Medicine Wheel Garden
  by E Barrie Kavasch
The Melungeons
  by Bonnie Ball
The Memoirs of Lt. Henry Timberlake
  by Duane H King
The Menomini Indians of Wisconsin
  by Felix Keesing
The Mescalero Apaches
  by C L Sonnichsen
The Messenger of Spring
  by Carrie J Taylor
The Miami Indians of Indiana
  by Stewart Rafert
The Modern Fancy Dancer
  by C Scott Evans
The Modocs and Their War
  by Keith A Murray
The Montana Cree
  by Verne Dusenberry
The Mud Pony
  by Caron Lee Cohen
The Mystic Warriors of the Plains
  by Thomas E Mails
The Mythology of Native North America
  by David Leeming
The Mythology of the Wichita
  by George A Dorsey
The Names
  by N Scott Momaday
The National Congress of American Indians
  by Thomas W Cowger
The National Uncanny
  by Renee L Bergland
The Native American Experience
  by Jay Wertz
The Native American Sweat Lodge
  by Joseph Bruchac
The Native Population of the Americas in 1492
  by William M Denevan
The Navaho
  by Clyde Kluckhohn
The Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths
  by John Adair
The Navajo Verb
  by Leonard M Faltz
The Navajo Weaving Tradition
  by Alice Kaufman
The Navajo Year
  by Nancy Bo Flood
The Navajo Year - Activities for Learning and Exploring
  by Nancy Bo Flood
The Navajos
  by Ruth Murray Underhill
The Navajos
  by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
The Nebraska Indian Wars Reader
  by R Eli Paul
The New England Indians
  by Keith C Wilbur
The New Native American Cuisine
  by Marian Betancourt
The New York Public Library Amazing Native American History
  by Liz Sonneborn
The Night Has a Naked Soul
  by Alan Kilpatrick
The North American Indian Portfolios from the Library of Congress
  by Dolce & Gabbana
The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied
The Northern Maidu
  by Marie Potts
The Occupation of Alcatraz Island
  by Troy Johnson
The Oglala People, 1841-1879
  by Catherine Price
The Ohlone Way
  by Malcolm Margolin
The Ojibwa Woman
  by Ruth Landes
The Ojibway of Western Canada
  by Laura Peers
The Old North Trail
  by Walter McClintock
The Omaha Tribe, Volume 2
  by Alice C Fletcher
The Oneida Indian Experience
  by Jack Campisi
The Oneida Indian Journey
  by Laurence M Hauptman
The Only Land I Know
  by Adolph Dial
The Only Land They Knew
  by J Leitch Wright
The Only One Living to Tell
  by Mike Burns
The Opossum's Tale
  by Deborah L Duvall
The Ordeal of Running Standing
  by Thomas Fall
The Ordeal of the Longhouse
  by Daniel K Richter
The Oregon Trail
  by Francis Parkman
The Original Vermonters
  by William A Haviland
The Osage and the Invisible World
  by Garrick A Bailey
The Osage in Missouri
  by Kristie C Wolferman
The Patriot Chiefs
  by Alvin M Josephy
The Pawnee Ghost Dance Hand Game
  by Alexander Lesser
The Pawnee Inidans
  by George E Hyde
The People
  by Roger A Hammer
The People Named the Chippewa
  by Gerald Vizenor
The Pequot War
  by Alfred A Cave
The Peyote Religion Among the Navaho
  by David Friend Aberle
The Plains Indians
  by Paul H Carlson
The Plains Indians of the Twentieth Century
  by Peter J Iverson
The Pleasures of Academe
  by James Axtell
The Polar Bear Son
  by Lydia Dabcovich
The Ponca Tribe
  by James H Howard
The Powhatan Indians of Virginia
  by Helen C Rountree
The Pueblo
  by Charlotte Yue
The Pueblo Children of the Earth Mother
  by Thomas E Mails
The Pueblo Revolt Of 1680
  by Andrew L Knaut
The Pueblo Storyteller
  by Barbara A Babcock
The Pueblos
  by Alice K Flanagan
The Punishment of the Stingy and Other Indian Stories
  by George Bird Grinnell
The Rainbow Bridge
  by Kerry Nechodom
The Rainbow Bridge
  by Audrey Wood
The Rapid City Indian School, 1898-1933
  by Scott Riney
The Red River Trails
  by Rhoda R Gilman
The Religion of the Luiseno Indians of Southern California
  by Constance Goddard Du Bois
The Responsive Eye
  by Ralph T Coe
The Return of the Buffaloes
  by Paul Goble
The Return of the Indian
  by Lynne Reid Banks
The Rez Road Follies
  by Jim Northrup
The Rise and Fall of the Choctaw Republic
  by Angie Debo
The Road to Disappearance
  by Angie Debo
The Rogue River Indian War and Its Aftermath, 1850-1980
  by E A Schwartz
The Rough-Face Girl
  by Rafe Martin
The Sac and Fox Indians
  by William T Hagan
The Sacred Pipe
  by Paul B Steinmetz
The Sacred Tree
  by Judie Bopp
The Salinan Indians of California and Their Neighbors
  by Betty War Brusa
The Salish Language Family
  by Paul D Kroeber
The Sand Canyon Archaeological Project
  by Mark D Varien
The Sand Creek Massacre
  by Stan Hoig
The Santee Sioux Indians
  by Nancy Bonvillain
The Secret of the Indian
  by Lynne Reid Banks
The Secret of the White Buffalo
  by Carrie J Taylor
The Seminole Baptist Churches of Oklahoma
  by Jack M Schultz
The Seminole Freedmen
  by Kevin Mulroy
The Seminoles
  by Martin Lee
The Seminoles
  by Edwin C McReynolds
The Seminoles
  by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
The Serpent Never Sleeps
  by Scott O'Dell
The Shaman
  by John A Grim
The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel
  by Evelyn Eaton
The Shawnee
  by Alice K Flanagan
The Shawnee
  by Jerry E Clark
The Shoshoni Frontier and the Bear River Massacre
  by Brigham D Madsen
The Sioux
  by Royal B Hassrick
The Sioux of the Rosebud
  by Henry W Hamilton
The Sioux Uprising of 1862
  by Kenneth Carley
The Six Nations of New York
  by Robert Venables
The Smudging and Blessings Book
  by Jane Alexander
The Social Life of Stories
  by Julie Cruikshank
The Song of the Loom
  by Frederick J Dockstader
The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If the Eyes Had No Tears
  by Guy A Zona
The Southeastern Indians
  by Charles Hudson
The Southern Indians and Benjamin Hawkins, 1796-1816
  by Florette Henri
The Spark in the Stone
  by Peter Goodchild
The Spindle Whorl
  by Nan McNutt
The Spirit of Indian Women
  by Judith Fitzgerald
The Spirit of Native America
  by Anna Lee Walters
The Spiritual Legacy of the American Indian
  by Joseph Epes Brown
The Spokane Indians
  by Robert H Ruby
The Star-Man
  by Basil H Johnson
The State of Native America
  by M Annette Jaimes
The Stone Canoe and Other Stories
  by John L Peyton
The Story Catcher
  by Mari Sandoz
The Story of Jumping Mouse
  by John Steptoe
The Storytelling Stone
  by Susan Feldmann
The Structure of Twana Culture
  by William W Elmendorf
The Sun Came Down
  by Percy Bullchild
The Sun Horse
  by Gerald Hausman
The Talking Earth
  by Jean Craighead George
The Taos Indians and the Battle for Blue Lake
  by R C Gordon-Mccutchan
The Taos Trappers
  by David J Weber
The Technique of Porcupine Quill Decoration
  by Orchard
The Technique of Porcupine Quill Decoration Amoung the Indians of North Ame
  by William C Orchard
The Ten Grandmothers
  by Alice Marriott
The Ten Kate Collection, 1882-1888
  by Pieter Hovens
The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers
  by Jamie Sams
The Timeline of Native Americans
  by Greg O'Brien
The Tipi
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
The Top of the Hill
  by Morris Taylor
The Trail of Tears
  by Richard Conrad Stein
The Trail of Tears
  by Joseph Bruchac
The Trail of Tears Across Missouri
  by Joan Gilbert
The Trial of Don Pedro Len Lujn
  by Sondra Jones
The True Story of Pocahontas
  by Lucille Recht Penner
The Truth about Geronimo
  by Britton Davis
The Turkey Girl
  by Penny Pollock
The Turn to the Native
  by Arnold Krupat
The Turor'd Mind
  by Bernd C Peyer
The Twined Basket
  by Nan McNutt
The Ute Indians of Colorado in the Twentieth Century
  by Richard K Young
The Vanishing American
  by Brian W Dippie
The Vision Seeker
  by James Whetung
The Wake of the Unseen Object
  by Tom Kizzia
The Wampanoag
  by Katherine M Doherty
The Wampanoags
  by Alice K Flanagan
The Wave of the Sea-Wolf
  by David Wisniewski
The Wave of the Sea-Wolf
  by David Wisiniewski
The Way It is
  by Corbin Harney
The Way of Our People
  by Arnold Griese
The Way of the Human Being
  by Calvin Luther Martin
The Way to Make Perfect Mountains
  by Byrd Baylor
The Way to Rainy Mountain
  by N Scott Momaday
The Way We Live
  by Malcolm Margolin
The Ways of My Grandmothers
  by Beverly Hungry Wolf
The West as a Romantic Horizon
  by William H Goetzmann
The West Pole
  by Diane Glancy
The Western Abenakis of Vermont 1600-1800
  by Colin G Calloway
The White Earth Tragedy
  by Melissa L Meyer
The White Man's Indian
  by Robert F Berkhofer
The Wind is My Mother
  by Bear Heart
The Wind Won't Know Me
  by Emily Benedek
The Wintu & Their Neighbors
  by Christopher Chase-Dunn
The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories
  by Robert J Conley
The Wolf at Twilight
  by Kent Nerburn
The Woman Who Lived with Wolves
  by Paul Goble
The Woodland Indians
  by Keith C Wilbur
The World's Rim
  by Hartley B Alexander
The Worry Stone
  by Marianna Dengler
The Zuni Man Woman
  by Will Roscoe
The Zunis
  by Alice K Flanagan
Theft of the Spirit
  by Carl A Hammerschlag
These Lands Are Ours
  by Kate Connell
These Were the Sioux
  by Mari Sandoz
They Call Me Agnes
  by Fred W Voget
They Called It Prairie Light
  by K Tsianina Lomawaima
They Dance in the Sky
  by Jean Guard Monroe
They Died with Custer
  by Douglas D Scott
Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back
  by Joseph Bruchac
This Day in North American Indian History
  by Phil Konstantin
This Path We Travel
  by National Museum of the American Indian
Three Years Among the Comanches
  by Nelson Lee
Three Years on the Plains
  by Edmund B Tuttle
Time and the Highland Maya
  by Barbara Tedlock
  by Nancy B Rosoff
  by Paul Goble
Tipis, Tepees, Teepees
  by Linda A Holley
Tlingit Tales
  by Lorle Harris
To Be the Main Leaders of Our People
  by Rebecca Kugel
To Do Good to My Indian Brethren
  by Laura J Murray
To Fish in Common
  by Daniel L Boxberger
To Honor and Comfort
  by Marsha L MacDowell
To Show Heart
  by George Pierre Castile
To the American Indian
  by Lucy Thompson
Tommy McGinty's Northern Tutchone Story of Crow
  by Dominique Legros
Tony Hillerman's Navajoland
  by Laurance D Linford
Tools of Native Americans
  by Kim Kavin
Totem Poles of the Pacific Northwest Coast
  by Edward Malin
Touching the Fire
  by Roger Welsch
Town Creek Indian Mound
  by Joffre Lanning Coe
Tracking Freedom
  by Ken Eagle Feather
Trading Identities
  by Ruth B Phillips
Traditional Dress - Revised Edition
  by Adolf Hungry Wolf
Traditional Indian Crafts
  by Monte Smith
Traditional Literatures of the American Indian
  by Karl Kroeber
Traditional Literatures of the American Indian
  by Karl Kroeber
Traditions of the Arapaho
  by George A Dorsey
Traditions of the Caddo
  by George A Dorsey
Trail of Tears
  by John Ehle
Trail to Wounded Knee
  by Herman Viola
Traits of American Indian Life and Character
  by Peter Skeene Ogden
Transforming Images
  by Robert, G Donnelley
Travels of William Bartram
  by Mark Van Doren
Treasures of Time
  by James R Cunkle
Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed
  by Neil J Sterritt
Tribal Dispossession and the Ottawa Indian University Fraud
  by William E Unrau
Tribal Secrets
  by Robert Allen Warrior
Tribal Wars of the Southern Plains
  by Stan Hoig
  by Matt Dembicki
Tsimshian Culture
  by Jay Miller
Turning the Feather Around
  by George Morrison
Turtle Clan Journey
  by Lynda Durrant
Turtle Going Nowhere in the Plenty of Time
  by Davis Many Voices
Turtle's Race with Beaver
  by James Bruchac
Twelve North American Indian Design Bookmarks
  by Muncie Hendler
Twelve Thousand Years
  by Bruce J Bourque
Two Faces
  by George McMullen
Two Leggings
  by Peter Nabokov
Two Ravens
  by Louis Two Ravens Irwin
Two Spirit People
  by Lester B Brown
Two Toms
  by Thomas Hoevet Johnson
Two Winters in a Tipi
  by Mark Warren
Two-Spirit People
  by Sue-Ellen Jacobs
Uncle Comanche
  by J A Benner
Uncommon Legacies
  by John R Grimes
Unconquered People
  by Brent Richards Weisman
Under the Kapok Tree
  by Alma Gottlieb
Understanding Northwest Coast Art
  by Cheryl Shearar
Understanding the Gift
  by John Vames
Understanding Tolowa Histories
  by James Collins
Unravelling the Franklin Mystery
  by David C Woodman
Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region (Enlarged Editio
  by Melvin R Gilmore
Ute Indian Arts & Culture
  by William Wroth
Ute Tales
  by Anne M Smith
Views from the Reservation [With CD (Audio)]
  by John Willis
Visions and Voices
  by Lydia Wyckoff
Visit Teepee Town
  by Diane Glancy
Voice of Indigenous Peoples
  by Alexander Ewen
Voices from the Ice
  by John L Peyton
Voices of Earth and Sky
  by Vinson Brown
Voices of Native America
  by Douglas Spotted Eagle
  by John Joseph Mathews
  by Stephen Feraca
Walk Two Moons
  by Sharon Creech
Walking Along: Plains Indian Trickster Stories
  by Paul Goble
Walking in the Sacred Manner
  by Mark St Pierre
Walking on the Wind
  by Michael Garrett
Walking Where We Lived
  by Gaylen D Lee
Walking with Grandfather (with audio CD)
  by Joseph, III Marshall
Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America
  by Paul Kane
War Dance
  by William K Powers
War-Path and Bivouac
  by John F Finerty
  by Stanley Vestal
Warrior Artists
  by Herman Viola
  by Kanji Kawano
Warriors of the Plains
  by Max Carocci
Warriors of the Rainbow
  by William Willoya
  by Grace Raymond Hebard
Watakame's Journey
  by Bonnie Larson
Water Sky
  by Jean Craighead George
  by Cara Deloria Ella
Waumpum Belts of the Iroquois
  by Tehanetorens
Ways of Indian Magic
  by Teresa VanEtten
Ways of Knowing
  by Jean-Guy A Goulet
We Are At Home
  by Bruce White
Wearing the Morning Star
  by Brian Swann
Weaver of Worlds
  by David Jongeward
Weaving a Navajo Blanket
  by Gladys Amanda Reichard
Weaving a World
  by Paul Zolbrod
Western Abenakis of Vermont, 1600-1800
  by Colin G Calloway
What Does "Died" Mean?
  by Marjorie W. Thomas
When Buffalo Ran
  by George Bird Grinnell
When Indians Became Cowboys
  by Peter Iverson
When the Chenoo Howls
  by James Bruchac
When the Great Canoes Came
  by Mary Louise Clifford
When the Night Bird Sings
  by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
When the Tree Flowered
  by John Gneisenau Neihardt
When Thunders Spoke
  by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve
Where Custer Fell
  by James S Brust
Where the Buffaloes Begin
  by Olaf Baker
Where the Two Roads Meet
  by Christopher Vecsey
Where White Men Fear to Tread
  by Russell Means
Whispering Wind Magazine - Vol 30 #3
  by Whispering Wind Magazine
White Cloud/Lakota Spirit
  by Cecelia Ferretti Brownlow
White Man's Wicked Water
  by William E Unrau
White Roots of Peace
  by Paul Wallace
Why Gone Those Times?
  by James Willard Schultz
Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays
  by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Why the Possum's Tail is Bare, and Other North American Indian Nature Tales
  by James E Connolly
Wigwam Evenings
  by Charles A Eastman
Wild Plants of the Native Peoples of the Four Corners
  by William W Dunmire
William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.
  by William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.
Wind River Adventures
  by Edward J Farlow
Winged Words
  by Laura Coltelli
Wisdom of the Elders
  by David Suzuki
Wisdom of the Native Americans
  by Kent Nerburn
With My Own Eyes
  by Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun
With the Indians in the Rockies
  by James Willard Schultz
Wolf and the Winds
  by Frank B Linderman
Wolf That I Am
  by Fred McTaggart
  by Louis Owens
Woman of the Green Glade
  by Virginia M Soetebier
Women of the Dawn
  by Bunny McBride
Women of White Earth
  by Vance Vannote
Women's Fancy Shawl Dancer
Wooden Leg
  by Thomas B Marquis
Woodland Indians
  by Dana Newmann
Woodsmen, or Thoreau & the Indians
  by Arnold Krupat
Writing the Circle
  by Jeanne Perreault
Writings in Indian History, 1985-1990
  by Jay Miller
  by S Alice Callahan
  by Stan Padilla
Yaqui Deer Songs, Maso Bwikam
  by Larry Evers
Yellow Dirt
  by Judy Pasternak
Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit
  by Leslie Marmon Silko
Yosemite Indians
  by Elizabeth Godfrey
You're So Fat!
  by Roger Spielmann
  by Colin F Taylor
Zinnia: How The Corn Was Saved
  by Patricia Hruby Powell
Zuni and the Courts
  by E Richard Hart
Zuni Coyote Tales
  by Frank Hamilton Cushing
Zuni Fetishes
  by Hal Zina Bennett

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