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The Sioux

The Sioux

Life and Customs of a Warrior Society

by Royal B Hassrick

"Until now there has not been a good popular ethnography of any of the Dakota groups. Hassrick has admirably filled this need for the Teton Dakota. He knows his people well and has written a book that is a must for anyone interested in the Sioux or in the Plains Indians in general." - Natural History

"According to its foreword, ’This book attempts to present Sioux life as it was in the era of its greatest vigor and renown - the brief span of less than fifty years from about 1830 to 1870.’ It does more than this; it traces the origins of the Sioux and brings them up to the present day, explaining the author’s opinion of why this tribe has not been assimilated into our Anglo-Saxon culture. Every phase of life is covered - art, war, religion, child rearing, sex, humor, and dress. This is an excellent addition to this series and is highly recommended for all subject collections." - Library Journal

"Hassrick writes with authority and with a clarity of style; his Sioux live for the reader, and many of the conflicts and contradictions described for Sioux culture become understandable when Hassrick applies sociological interpretations." - American West

374 pp ~ illustrated — ©1988



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CATEGORY: Tribes - Lakota
October 1988
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