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Shipping Methods and Policies
Shipments to the United States

Military & US Possession/Territory Addresses

International Shipments

Shipping Methods and Policies - Orders to the United States

Shipments to the United States
Shipping for Music

If you are only ordering music CD's, the rates shown to the right apply. For orders of three or more items, our regular Standard Shipping rates shown below will apply. Note that certain double CDs will count as two items.

CD's/Cassettes Shipping
1 $4.60
2 $5.35
over 2 regular

Standard Shipping

We charge our actual shipping cost plus a $2.25 handling charge. The handling charge covers items like boxes, packing material, invoicing, and other costs that are incurred regardless of order size or destination. Because shipping costs vary widely depending on the weight of your order and destination, it is not possible to provide a simple rate table. Please enter your zip code in the box on the right to obtain a shipping quote customized for you.

Please note that the rates presented are based on estimated order weight. Our web site cannot accurately determine the weight of the products you purchase. Instead, we estimate weight based on the dollar value of your order. This is fairly accurate for most orders, but will obviously be wrong for very light or very heavy orders. Your actual shipping cost will be lower or higher as appropriate. Remember, you will only be charged the actual cost plus a $2.25 handling fee.

U.S. Shipping Cost Estimator
Enter 5-digit zip code for delivery address:


Premium Shipping Methods

UPS 3-day, 2-day, and next day service is available for additional cost. Please note that UPS does not deliver to PO boxes. You MUST provide a street address if you are selecting one of these services. 3-day service is not available to Hawaii or Alaska.

Your selection of a premium shipping method does not guarantee a shipping date!

When you select a premium shipping method, we will ship your order before other orders. However, it still takes us 1-3 days to process an order. You are paying for shorter delivery times. Orders placed Monday through Thursday typically ship the next day. Orders placed Friday through Sunday typically ship on Tuesday. Please plan accordingly when selecting a premium shipping method.


Time in Transit - Regular UPS Ground Shipping
From our store - Orange, CA

This map shows the number of business days (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays) that it typically takes your order to reach you once we ship it. It usually takes us 1 to 3 business days to process your order, so add this number to the number shown on the map for your address to determine the total number of days it will take to receive your order. For example, if you live in Oklahoma (OK), UPS delivery time is 3 days. Therefore, you should receive your order within 4-6 business days from the date you place your order. If you need your order sooner, please consider using a premium shipping service.


There are no additional shipping charges for backordered items. Items will be shipped by the method most economical to us.  Please note that we may split your shipping charge and bill part on the first shipment and the balance on a subsequent shipment. For example, if the shipping charge is quoted at $10.55 and the first shipment is under 1 LB, we will bill you $7.05. When the backorder ships, we will bill you the remaining $3.50 on the backorder shipment. This ensures that we do not overcharge you for shipping in the event that a backorder cannot be filled.

Shipments to the United States
APO & US Possession/Territory Addresses

Orders shipped to a military address (AE, AF, AP) or to US possessions or territories can only be shipped by US Mail. UPS service is not available. Our Standard Shipping rates apply.


There are no additional shipping charges for backordered items. Items will be shipped by the method most economical to us.

Shipping Methods and Policies - International Orders

International Shipments

Shipping on international orders is billed at our cost plus a handling fee of $3.50. Because there are so many variables, it is not possible for us to quote you a firm shipping cost on-line. We will present you with several options along with estimated costs for that service. Your actual cost may vary significantly. This should allow you to choose a service applicable to your budget and time constraints.

International Shipping Cost Estimator

The following services are available for orders shipped outside the United States:

International First Class

This is always the most economical rate. International First Class typically takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive. Please note that there are severe weight and size restrictions for letter mail (less than 4 pounds for general merchandise). This service is uninsured! Use this shipping method at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. If you select this option and your package does not quality for this classification, we will ship it International Priority Mail. Rates are generally less than $15.

International Priority Mail

Most products can be shipped by International Priority Mail and there is no practical weight limit. This is an insured service. Shipments typically takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive.

International Express Mail

This is generally the fastest method to receive your order. Delivery time is typically 2-5 business days and it includes insurance. We have had very good experiences using this service.

Customs/Import Duties & Taxes

Your country may have import duties or taxes that are due on your order when you receive it. We have no way of knowing how much this will cost. You are responsible for these fees. If this is a concern, please check with the appropriate officials in your country. Please note that due to U.S. postal regulations, we must be truthful on all customs documentation. Please do not ask us to mark your package as "gift" or to reduce the dollar value. We cannot accommodate these requests.


All backorders for international orders will incur additional shipping charges.

Import Restrictions

Most of our products can be sent internationally. However, there are often significant restrictions regarding the importation of animal-based products like feathers, leather, furs, etc. We have no way of knowing what is legal for your country. It is your responsibility to contact your customs/postal officials and determine what products you may legally import. We are not responsible for any importation fees or confiscated items. Generally, a few feathers or tanned leather is acceptable. Most furs and animal parts are not. When in doubt, don't order the item.

U.S. Postal Service Web Site

Our shipping rates are not secret. We charge you our actual cost plus $3.50 for handling and packaging.  Our web site determines an approximate weight for your shipment based on the purchase amount. If your order is lighter, your cost will be less than what we show. If it is heavier, it will be more. You can estimate your actual cost by going to the US Postal Service web site. Based on what you want to purchase, try to determine the approximate weight of your order in pounds or ounces. Kilos are not supported (hint: 1 kilo = 2.2 lbs.). Enter this information and select your country and you will be presented with what it will cost to ship your order. Remember to select the insurance option if you order is over $50. We only ship orders over $50 with insurance (for your protection and ours).

USPS rate calculator

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