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How To Navigate Our Catalog
There are many possible ways to navigate our catalog. The following method is probably the easiest.


1. Select a primary category to browse.

In the upper right corner, there is a pull-down selector labeled "select a category to browse".  It will contain an entry for each major product type that we sell such as "books," "botanicals," etc.  Select the category you wish to view, and click on the "Go!" button. You will be presented with the opening page for that category. The pull-down  looks like this:


Primary catalog pull-down example


2. Select a subcategory to browse.

Within a primary product category, there are often many subcategories. For example, within the "feathers" primary category, there are subcategories for turkey feathers, pheasant feathers, and others.  These subcategories will be displayed in a pull-down selector on the left side of your browser. They are context-sensitive and will change each time you view a different primary category. To view a subcategory, select it then click on the "browse" button. You will be presented with the opening page of products for the subcategory. The subcategory pull-down looks like this:


Subcategory pulldown example
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