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Catalog Help Page
How To Use Our Catalog
  How to navigate our catalog Browsing the catalog by category.
How to search our catalog Find a specific item by name or author/artist.
How does the search work? Tips on how to improve your product searches.
How to purchase products How our catalog works, what the price levels mean, and more.
How to complete your order Follow these steps to "check out" and submit your order
Order Policies
  Shipping Costs Prices for domestic and international orders; priority shipping.
Our Guarantee We guarantee everything we sell!   No hassle return policy.
Backorder Policy What happens if we don't have what you order.
Internet Pricing Why do the prices on our Internet catalog differ from our printed catalog?
Restrictions We may not be able to ship some products to your state or outside the U.S
Your Privacy What we do with the information you provided to us.
How to Contact Us Phone, fax, and email contact information.
How to place an order without a credit card We accept checks and money orders.
Other Help Pages
  Possible Bag Problems? Look here if you're having problems purchasing items or using the order form.
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