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Indian Spirit (Revised Edition)

Indian Spirit (Revised Edition)

by Michael Oren Fitzgerald

Indian Spirit blends wonderful photographs taken, in most cases, about a century ago, along with the thoughtful and often prophetic words of great figures in the American Indian tradition. Indian Spirit may be best summed up by one of the most important recent leaders of American Indian spirituality:

"Words alone are inadequate to express spiritual realities. This book expresses the Red Indian spirit because it combines the best photographs ever taken of old-time chiefs with some of their best words. You can meet these old-timers and share their wisdom. People who read this book will better understand our sacred ways. Aho." (from Thomas Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief)

Many of the wonderful photos found in this book have never been published before. They were taken from the private collections of the late Frithjof Schuon and the editor. Most of the sayings were excerpted from speeches of great nomadic chiefs which were directly recorded after the coming of the white man, and are focused on their spiritual heritage. A few excerpts were taken from the writings of men such as Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman), who learned the traditional ways from the nomadic old-timers even after this way of life had largely been destroyed by an intolerant society.

The photos and words in Indian Spirit represent a wide variety of tribes, but the single message is clear: The olden-day Indians and their way of life were imbued with the presence of the Great Spirit. These photos and words combine to communicate that presence, powerfully, to readers today.

This fully revised and expanded second edition of Indian Spirit, the bestselling Native American Indian picture-and-quote book, features a new foreword by Shoshone Sun Dance Chief James Trosper.

150 pp ~ illustrated 2006



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ISBN: 1933316195
CATEGORY: Inspirational
November 2006
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