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The Plains Indian Woman's Dress

by Colin F Taylor

Women’s dresses of the Native Americans are amongst the most interesting and impressive evidences of Plains Indian material culture. The splendid decorations as well as the con-struction of the dresses represent not only high level artisan skills but also historical and cul-tural developments. This new publication painstakingly documents Indian women’s clothing, from the first con-tacts with White observers to the reservation period. It considers material and social changes as well as the influence of trade with other tribes, white traders and fur trappers, much of which is reflected in these magnificent gar-ments. Furthermore, the volume demonstrates the often highly symbolic meanings of the embellishments which make reference to spiritual beliefs and family military achieve-ments.

For over 40 years the author has studied Native American artifacts in the collections in Europe and America.

This paper which he first presented at the Plains Indian Seminar in Cody, Wyoming, in 1996, and which he has enhanced and extended for this book edition, includes invaluable field-notes by the late John C. Ewers, who generous-ly supported this volume with his research material. Taylor exemplifies variations of styles, tribal traits as well as technical and material changes.

Sections include: Early women’s costume in North America -Women’s dress styles east of the Mississippi -Women’s dress on the Great Plains - The strap dress - The side-fold dress - The deerskin dress - The deer tail dress - Northern Plains and Plateau - The Central Plains - The three-skin dress - Symbolism and the Plains woman’s dress. A significant study on Plains Indian culture.

87 pp ~ 14 color photos ~ 60 b/w photos — ©1997



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