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Pendleton Blanket - Supernova Pendleton Blanket - Supernova

The Supernova blanket contains star-like patterns which honors the ancient Native American Skywatchers. 64” x 80”. Unnapped, whip stitch binding. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

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This pattern is discontinued by Pendleton. We have only one available.

7270-552-605  Twin  $299.00 


Pendleton Blanket Throw - Prairie Rush Hour Pendleton Blanket Throw - Prairie Rush Hour

The bison, often referred to as the buffalo, is the largest land mammal in North America. A big buffalo can weigh a ton (2,000 pounds!) and stand six feet tall. And they can run as fast as 35 miles an hour. Long ago millions of these mighty buffalo roamed the plains, prairies and river valleys. It was a time when there were no houses on the hills. When countless forests were green and the trees grew tall. When deer grazed by mighty rivers. Today you can see wild buffalo only in our National Parks, where they are protected. You can see one of the largest herds of wild buffalo in the United States in Yellowstone National Park. Napped, felt binding. 64 x 64 inches. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

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7270-753-121  One-Size  $249.00 


Pendleton Blanket - Turquoise Ridge Pendleton Blanket - Turquoise Ridge

This wool blanket captures the legendary beauty of turquoise stones, long treasured by Southwest tribal nations as symbols of strength, protection and good fortune. Vibrant turquoise hues are balanced by cool ivory, lending a modern look to a pattern inspired by traditional weavings. Unnapped, felt bound. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

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7270-955-411  Twin  $299.00 


Pendleton Blanket - Verde Valley Pendleton Blanket - Verde Valley

Verde Valley is called Matk’amvaha by the Northeastern Yavapai, the first human inhabitants of this valley in central Arizona. They were a hunting and gathering people, sometimes migrating to different areas to follow the ripening of edible plants. This unusual blanket design and its color (“verde” is green in Spanish) and stepped triangles reminded us of the beauty of the fertile Verde Valley, surrounded by mesas and rugged mountain peaks. This blanket is robe size, the size preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes and wrapping about oneself as a robe. Impressive as a wall hanging and practical when folded on a sofa or at the foot of a bed. 64” x 80”. Unnapped, felt bound. 82% wool/18% cotton. Dry clean. Made in the USA.

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This pattern is discontinued by Pendleton. We have one available.

7270-352-906  Twin  $299.00 


Pendleton Blanket - Warriors Circle of Honor Pendleton Blanket - Warriors Circle of Honor

The Warriors' Circle of Honor memorial at Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, commemorates the service and sacrifice of Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Veterans—past, current and future. The memorial, designed by veteran Harvey Platt, was the inspiration for this blanket—also designed by Mr. Pratt. At the center of the pattern, the Sacred Fire burns amid bands of color representing Air, Fire, Water and Earth. A border of stars and stripes has openings to allow spirits to enter. Four hands wearing feathers of bravery and triumph mark the cardinal directions, while oval shapes echo the museum's Grandfather Rocks. Pendleton provides a portion of the product cost to the Smithsonian to support its educational mission.

Twin size (64" x 80") with felt trim. Pure virign wool/cotton. Napped. Dry clean. Made in USA.

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7270-053-889  One-Size  $279.00 


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