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Native American Drum Group What Exactly is Native American Music?
Trying to define Native American music is about as easy as defining what rock or jazz is. There are just so many styles and variations that there is no simple answer. But since we would like to say something, here is our definition:
Native American music is:
  • Any music which is performed in a Native American style such as flute, powwow, etc.   The artist can be Native American or not. An example of an outstanding artist who has mastered the Native American flute but who is not a Native American is Gary Stroutsos.
  • Any music which is performed by a Native American. There are many artists of Native American ancestry who do not perform in "traditional" style. Examples are Buddy RedBow (country troubadour), Litefoot (rap), Julian B. (rap), and Bill Miller (various).  And, of course, we can't forget R. Carlos Nakai who has introduced the use of the Native American flute into jazz, new age, classical, and even Asian styles of music.

Please note that this is only our definition. We're sure there are other opinions.

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