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Mystical Warrior

Mystical Warrior

by Verdell Primeaux

Of the Oglalla/Yankton Sioux and Ponca tribe, Verdell Primeaux hails from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, representing the Seven Council Fires of the Lakota and Eagle Clan of the Ponca Nation. VerdellŐs mother Delores Arapahoe is a descendant of Chief Her Many Horses, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse known for their heroic contributions to the Native American heritage. Through prayers and songs of the Native American Church, Primeaux considers himself a living testimony for the healing power of our Creator and the Peyote. It has always been in Verdell's interest to aid and assist in developing and providing a safe, secure and happy surrounding for our youth of today and tomorrow. He applies spiritual knowledge and prayers with counseling techniques. It is his intention that spiritual healing music be used as a weapon and shield against drugs and alcohol addiction among the Natives. In searching for a closer communication with the creator, he professes to believe this will guide the society through life in a gracious spirit. With these concepts in mind, we are pleased to present 24 all new compositions from the Verdell/Francis Primeaux Archives.

— ©2002



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