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Stick Game Songs - Volume 1

Stick Game Songs - Volume 1

by Various

The Stick Game is an ancient game within North American First Nationís culture that pre-dates contact from other cultures. Through the Stick Game, stories and songs could, and still are shared. The Stick Game brought people together; people from within a tribe, and also from differing tribes. This gathering of the people inevitably encouraged the exchange of stories, whether it was information about friends and relatives, passing on of myths, or information about the different tribes, the topics for conversation was limitless.

The singing that accompanies the Stick Game had connotations that were mostly of a mythological nature. The songs that were used were believed to have mythological powers, and if a group sang its songs and won the game then it was believed that the group had more power than the opposing group. Their powerful song was believed to have made them succeed.

Arbor Records proudly presents Stick Games Songs (performed by the McGilvery Family). We hope you enjoy these traditional songs and have fun learning to play North Americaís First Nationís oldest and most popular game!

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