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Dance With Us

Dance With Us

by Northern Wind

Northern Wind, the well known northern style Ojibwa Drum, would like to invite you to enjoy their newest release “Dance With Us”. Portraying contemporary sound, yet still maintaining the oldstyle singing of the Ojibwa people, this release will move your spirit.

In constant demand to perform this group has travelled throughout North America and overseas to France, Italy, and Russia. They will continue to share their energy with everyone they meet while on this world journey.

Northern Wind has won many competitions, but are primarily focused on the true meaning of pow wow; gathering together to share precious time and joy with friends and family.

“Dance with us” was composed by the leader of Northern Wind, Gabe Desrosiesr. As an effective leader, and ambassador of Native American Culture, Gabe Derosier has appeared as a guest performer, and given lectures all over the world including Western and eastern europe and the Middle East. We are proud to present “Dance With Us” and our honored to be working with such a talented and respectful group like NORTHERN WIND.

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