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Commercial Tan Buckskin - Gold - Good Grade

Commercial Tan Buckskin - Gold - Good Grade

Excellent quality buckskin that is gold in color. Our "good" grade will have minor to moderate holes in the main section of the hide. These skins are great to use for smaller projects like mocassins and bags where large, perfect sections are not required. The smooth side may have some scratches or other scars which is normal for deer.

Note that we sell these hides by the square foot. This ensures that you receive what you pay for. Since hides vary in size (both larger and smaller), your actual price may vary about 10 - 15% from the amount shown. If you need specific dimensions for your project, please be sure to note them in the "special instructions" field on the order form so we can select the proper hide for you.

Please note that the photo is a "stock" image of our gold buckskin for color comparison. The hide you receive may have a different shape.

Item #
Size /
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
5020-005-006 6 sq ft $45.00 ea
Qty (1-2)
$39.00 ea
Qty (3+)
5020-005-080 8 sq ft $60.00 ea
Qty (1-2)
$52.00 ea
Qty (3+)
You may combine items for quantity discounts.
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