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Imitation Braintan Deer - White - B Grade

Imitation Braintan Deer - White - B Grade

Here's a great buy! We have a good stock of our imitation braintan in a B grade. Now don't be put of by the "B". The only difference from this grade and the the regular select grade is that these may be a little irregular shaped, have some minor holes, or maybe have a little uneven coloration and thickness. In fact, if we didn't tell you they were "B", you probably would not know! Really excellent for non-clothing projects like moccasins and pipe bags. Needles pass through the skin just like real braintan. Highly recommended.

Please note that sizes are approximate. We sell these by the square foot so you only pay for what you receive. The actual price you pay may vary by about 10%. If you require matched hides (color or shape) or need special dimensions for your projects, please indicate this in the "special instructions" box on the order form (presented when you complete your order).

You may mix smoked and white "B" imitation braintan hides for the quantity price.

Item #
Size /
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
5005-026-212 12 sq ft $93.00 ea
Qty (1-2)
$82.20 ea
Qty (3+)
You may combine items for quantity discounts.
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