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Inipi Olowan

Inipi Olowan

Lakota Songs for the Common Man Purification Ceremony

by David Swallow Jr.

Inipi (sweat lodge) is an ancient ceremony used for purification and healing. Participants crawl into a small lodge and hot rocks are placed into a pit in the center. Water is sprinkled on the rocks, instantly turning into steam. Songs are sung and prayers are made to the Creator.

David Swallow Jr. is a Lakota spiritual leader in the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. On this recording, he sings songs from rounds 1 through 4 of the Inipi ceremony with Nyla Helper. The songs are sung in Lakota and the CD includes an 8 page booklet with English translations. Note that there are introductions to the songs in English. We've had the privilege of participating in David's ceremonies and can attest that these songs are the real thing.

We are pleased to announce this first release on our own record label, White Bear Records! Originally released in 2000, this is an all new revised edition with improved sound, packaging, and a booklet containing English translations for all the songs.

57:31 minutes 2005



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Common Man Offering Canunpa Song  
2 Tate Tope Olowan  
3 Prayer Song  
4 Canunpa Olowan  
5 Forgiveness  
6 Spirit Dancing Song  
7 Wocekiya Olowan  
8 Prayer Song  
9 Prayer Song  
10 Sun Dance Song  
11 Creator Song  
12 Healing Song  
13 Wopila Song  
14 Wopila Song  
15 Song to the Grandfathers (Stone People)  
16 Exit Song  
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