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Ancient Future

Ancient Future

by R Carlos Nakai Quartet

On this, its third album, R. Carlos Nakai Quartet weaves together a hundred years of collective musical experience and a thousand years of cultural influence into a sound as rich and deep as the human experience itself. Join R. Carlos Nakai, AmoChip Dabney, Mary Redhouse, and Will Cliipman as they ponder their own Ancient Future giving voice to the planetary tribe in a joyous and heartfelt music for the new millennium.

Previous recordings from RCNQ have been some of our personal favorites. They have always had a jazzy upbeat sound. This new title diverges a bit and has many softer passages. It also has a distinctive international sound. We think their very first recording is still their best, but fans will surely like this one as well.

58:07 minutes 1999



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CATEGORY: Contemporary

1 Calling the Rain 4:51  
2 Talking Stick 6:04  
3 Blood Memory 5:53  
4 Orinoco Delta 3:37  
5 Home on the Strange 4:45
6 Lowly, Little John 3:06  
7 Austrian Waterfall 6:44
8 Tectonic Contexture 4:51  
9 Amo Platu 6:06  
10 Torch Runner 2:58  
11 Stick Figures 2:28  
12 Ancient Future 6:38  
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