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Feather, Stone, & Light

Feather, Stone, & Light

by Nakai, R. Carlos & William Eaton

Something ethereal…of the earth…of illumination…and threeness, a trialogue between distinct voices, and alchemical blending of disparate elements into a new alloy…like the airborne feather, the music arrives out of improvisation, like stone forming in the molten heart of the earth, it moves with patient certainty toward structure and like light, it quickens and enlivens what it touches…
Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai, draws on his Navajo-Ute heritage in this fourth collaboration with guitarist William Eaton who adds the unique sounds of his lyraharp guitar, o’ele’n strings and spiral clef guitar to Nakai’s cedar flutes. Joined by percussionist Will Clipman they bring forth a music born and rooted in the Sonoran desert and colored by sounds of the whole world…

72 minutes — ©1995



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1 Where Giants Walk 5:09  
2 Feather, Stone & Light 4:13  
3 Prelude to the Storm 4:11  
4 Savannah Sojourn 3:59  
5 The Lake Inside the Flower 5:25  
6 Sonornan Raga 4:07  
7 Silhouettes 2:52  
8 Midnight in the Sacred Grove 3:47  
9 River Dawn 4:48  
10 Running Down the Sun 3:30  
11 Dreaming the World 3:34  
12 Three Worlds 3:13  
13 Runes 4:15  
14 Raven Wind 4:10  
15 Restless Spirits 2:46  
16 Last River Wild 3:17  
17 Afternoon ad Uluru 3:59  
18 Stealing Thunder 3:40  
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