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Stick Game Songs of the Paiute

Stick Game Songs of the Paiute

by Judy Trejo

The stick game (also called hand game) is an ancient gambling game popular with the Native Americans of the western United States and Canada. Players try to guess in which hand their opponent is hiding a marked bone or stick and this guessing is accompanied by the singing of special songs to bring the singer luck and to foil the oppenent's fortune. An honored traditional singer of the Pauite people, Judy Trejo sings eighteen of here favorite (and luckiest) stick game songs from Owens Valley. The CD liner includes a nice description of how the stick game is played along with a little history.(Matoska Trading Co Note: If you ever go to a pow wow where stick games are played, be sure to watch them. They are great fun!)

46:37 minutes 1999



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CATEGORY: Traditional

1 Song S1
2 Song S2
3 Song S3 - S18
There are a total of 18 untitled stick songs on this recording.
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