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Woven Blanket - Spirit of the Sky Woven Blanket - Spirit of the Sky

Leila Stogan is a Salish weaver from the Musqueam Nation. In 1984, Leila studied traditional Musqueam weaving as a part of the revitalization of an almost lost art. Her weavings are showcased at the Musueam of Anthropology at University of British Columbia. Her works are also featured in the book Hands of our Ancestors, The Revival of Salish Weaving at Musqueam.

"Our stories and traditions are woven into our textiles. Thunderbirds represent the power and strength that we all share."
- Leila Stogan, Musqueam, Coast Salish

This 60 in x 80 in blanket is made of 100% extra-soft acrylic.

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2911-705-885  One-Size  $75.00 


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