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Basic Bead Loom Kit

Basic Bead Loom Kit

For those of us who got the "Indian Lore" bug as kids, the first project we usually did was a piece of loom beadwork. And of course, our first loom was the simple metal wire loom with the "springs" at the end. Well, that loom is still being made and here it is. It is not the best loom on the market, but works as well today as it did long ago. It's great for beginners and kids because you don't need to spend a lot of money to get started. This little kit has all you need to sample the craft. Included is a metal bead loom, a small packet of seed beads, thread, needles, and simple instructions. Because it has sharp needles and small beads, it's recommended for children 9 and older along with adult supervision (but so are most of the products we sell!). If you like the craft, you will certainly want a better loom later, but this is good place to start.

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