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Cotton Thread - Hand Quilting

Cotton Thread - Hand Quilting

This is an outstanding 100% cotton thread for use in your beadwork and other projects. It is heavier than regular thread and is really strong. While Nymo has it's uses, we prefer the cotton thread because it does not stretch. The trick to tight, firm beadwork is to fill the bead hole with the thread, not pull tighter. When doubled and waxed, this thread does the trick. Because of its weight, you may not be able to fit it through every beading needle. We use it successfully with #12 sharps but sometimes must be selective with the needles. This is the only thread we use of our personal projects. Comes on an old-time wooden spool in 1500 yards (that's a lot!).

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2025-026-100 One-Size $10.50 spool
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$9.50 spool
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