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Brass Sequins

Brass Sequins

Old style brass sequins. Traditionally, these were made by wrapping a small length of brass wire in a loop and smashing it. The result was a metal disc with a thin slit where the wire ends meet. We're not sure if these are made the same way, but they are good reproductions. Brass sequins were a favorite adornment on many Native American items. They can be seen on vests, dance aprons, bags, and more. One common way of attaching them is to use a seed bead. Run your thread from the bottom of the cloth, string a sequin, string a seed bead, and go back down the hole. The seed bead holds the sequin in place and adds a nice finish. Just make sure you use seed beads large enough to not slip though the hole!

These have a bright finish but will tarnish pretty quickly (which many people like). Note that the picture makes the 3/8" sequin look very dark. It is actually about the same color as the smaller sequin shown. We sell these by weight. There are approximately 220 3/8" sequins per 25 grams and approximately 325 1/4" sequins per 25 grams. The actual count can vary quite a bit due to differences in individual sequins and sometimes the sizes are a little mixed.

Item #
Size /
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
1012-005-025 1/4 inch $20.50 25 grams
Qty (1-3)
$17.75 25 grams
Qty (4+)
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