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From the Heart - Vol 1

From the Heart - Vol 1

by Southern Thunder

It is our privilege to present Southern Thunder’s first “live” recording, From the Heart —Volumes I and 2.

The title was inspired by kind words from friend Charles White Elk of Kyle, South Dakota. It embodies the essence of spirit which we feel is in the thoughts of all who are connected with our drum; from our drum maker Wiley Littlecreek, and Leonard Cozad, Sr., whose prayers of blessings and support for our drum began our journey, to those who come to our drum in times of need or are seeking the spirit of joy and happiness through song. The songs on this album have come “from the heart”, handed to us by singers who came before us; others from our members; still others from friends and relatives and used with permission.

From the Heart also relates to how the dancers respond to our music. They make us proud, especially the “Golden Age” dancers whose grace and beauty continues to inspire us all.

On these two albums you will hear the whistles of Tim Eashappie, Buffy Shanta and Kevin Haywhahe. We’ve asked Tim, from Fort Belknap, Montana, to relate his interpretation of the use of the whistle:

All whistlemen, when they are feeling good, something just happens, and it’s at that moment when they will use the whistle. The whistle is used on behalf of everyone, and everyone can get help from it. Traditionally, the whistle is used in the four directions.

These albums were recorded March 24—26, 1995, during the Keh-Wit Taspa Spring Celebration at the Cabazon Reservation in California. We deeply appreciate the kindness and hospitality of the people of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians and Powwow Coordinators Jim Red Eagle and Judy Stapp. It is the hopes and prayers of Southern Thunder, along with those of Tony lsaacs and the staff at Indian House, that these albums will continue to provide spiritual support to those who are unable to attend the many celebrations.

— ©1995



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1 Intertribal Song    
2 Intertribal Song    
3 Intertribal Song    
4 Intertribal Song    
5 Angela Thurman's Song    
6 Intertribal Song  
7 Intertribal Song    
8 Pawnee Song    
9 Intertribal Song    
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