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The Makoche Masters

The Makoche Masters

by Various

Formed in 1995, the music of the Makoche record label is inspired by ancient traditions. The name Makoche comes from the Lakota word for earth maka. The word makoche refers to the land, all that is in it and the interdependency among all living things. The music presented by Makoche is influenced by Native American culture, both traditional and contemporary.

Featured artists:

  • Annie Humphrey
  • Gary Stroutsos
  • Keith Bear
  • Lakota Thunder
  • Sissy Goodhouse
  • Andrew Vasquez
  • Joseph Fire Crow
  • Kevin Locke
  • Nellie Youpee




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CATEGORY: Collections

1 Wapaha Olowan
Kevin Locke
2 Way of Life
Lakota Thunder
3 We Shall Follow Our Brothers
Andrew Vasquez
4 Women's Song
Sissy Goodhouse
5 Cheyenne Eyes
Gary Stroutsos & Joseph Fire Crow
6 Cheyenne Nation
Joseph Fire Crow
7 Togo
Andrew Vasquez
8 Mandan Heartbreak Song
Keith Bear
9 Womans Work Song
Nelli Youpee
10 People of the Willows
Gary Stroutsos
11 Walking on the Water
Keith Bear
12 Grandfather, Look at Me
Kevin Locke
13 Round Dance Song
Josephe Fire Crow with the Goodhouse Family
14 Much Sense
Annie Humphrey
15 Spirit Horses
Annie Humphrey
16 Meadowlark Song
Kevin Locke
17 Spirit Mountain
Andrew Vasquez
18 Winter Bird Woman
Gary Stroutsos
19 Far From Home
Andrew Vasquez
20 Circle Dance
Joseph Fire Crow
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