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Legend of the Warrior

Legend of the Warrior

by Fire Crow

A century and a half ago my great grandfathers were experiencing a difficult change. A changing of times meant they faced a great challenge. The challenge to survive and thrive has always been so. How we express our experiences both past and present has also evolved with time. The challenge is to remember whom our relatives are, where we come from and to maintain our old ways, our traditions.

Songs of courage, bravery, strength… songs of acceptance, power, and love - these songs spur the warrior to do great deeds so that his name will always be remembered. For the true actions of the warrior define his name, his people, and his family.

In the words of my grandfather's, John Stands-In-Timbers, favorite warrior song, "My friends, only the stones stay on the earth forever. Use your best ability!"

Legend of the Warrior presents songs based on ancient traditional Cheyenne melodies as well as contemporary compositions. Fire Crow continues to blend traditional musical skills with the resonance of today's culture.

2003 Native American Music Awards winner for Songwriter of the Year.

— ©2002



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1 Legend of the Warrior    
2 The Forty Nines    
3 Sweet Medicine    
4 Where is My Uncle?    
5 Don't Look Back    
6 A Far Cry    
7 Cheyenne Man    
8 Ridgewalker    
9 The Nature Of    
10 Into the Sun    
11 My Elders Speak    
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