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The Elders Speak

The Elders Speak

Dakotah and Ojibway Stories

by Gourd Woman & Eagle Heart

With a simple offering and acceptance of tobacco, the "Old Ones" unfold ancient stories and make known a mystical and spiritual land. The storytellers speak of a land where the waters, buttes, stones, plants and animals reveal the lessons and origins of Humanity.

These places and their stories are all around us and speak to us today. Gourd Woman and Eagle Heart, with kindly hearts and genuine desire to preserve the rare stories for future generations, share them on this remarkable recording.

Great for children, adults, students, educators, and those simply wanting to be entertained, this enhanced CD contains maps and photos of the landmark areas and folk arts described in their stories. The enhanced CD can be heard in any CD player.

72:11 minutes 1999



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1 Introductory Remarks
2 Sky Woman and the Great Flood
An Ojibway creation story surrounding the origins of the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota by a muskrat and the spirit being, Sky Woman.
3 The Powerful Lake
The Dakotah people are said to have emerged from certain geographic features. One ermergence area is Heart Butte or the Greater Bear's Lodge near Greater Bear's Lake or what is called today Spirit Lake in North Dakota.
4 The White Buffalo
The birth and appearance of a white buffalo holds symboloc meaning to many American Indians all across the Great Plains.
5 The Woman Who Turned Herself to Stone
Tells about a Dakotah woman's love of Nature. One of four stoens associated with the story can be found near another emergence area of the Dakotah.
6 Holy Spring
Not all traditionally-based narratives are said to have occurred generations ago. Eagle Heart relates a battle on the Turtle Mountains that took place in 1910 between a thuderbird and a giant serpent.
7 The Spiderman and the Giant
Spiderman meets a giant in the valley northeast of Greater Bear's Lake and Heart Butte. For the Dakotah, Unktomi or Spiderman is a trickster. He represents human nature before people became "civilized" and often serves as a humerous example of how
8 Nanabosho and the Dancing Ducks
Nanabosho is the name of an Ojibway trickster and serves as an example of how not to behave. Stories such as this, explain why certain animals look the way they do.
9 Coyote's Den Hill
The storyteller describes the desperate journey of a woman and what she learned when she met a family of coyotes at a butte in South Dakota.
10 Closing Comments & Prayer
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