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Tunkan Skan Skan - Lakota Yuwipi Songs

Tunkan Skan Skan - Lakota Yuwipi Songs

by Various

The Yuwipi is a healing ceremony, sometimes called a "house ceremony." It is generally performed inside a building in complete darkness. The wicasa wakan or "holy man" is usually bound in a blanket during the ceremony. It is said that strange and wonderous things occur. This cassette presents some of the songs used in Yuwipi. Includes the Lakota words with English translations.

Elmer Running
Friday, February 21, 1992

Ho! On this day as the sun rises we are going to sing songs again. Recently some of our relatives and spiritual leaders have been taken back by the earth and have taken their songs with them, behind us those children that are coming these songs they will carry on even though we will have left this earth. That is why we record these songs with good thoughts in mind, especially health. The children will go on with this pipe, the people will teach themselves the songs and will carry them into the future with them. The ones that are coming will know these songs and pray with the pipe. As long as the Lakota people shall live these songs will be with them. Many singers and spiritual leaders have left this world and taken their songs with them to wherever they may be. We only know a few of them that we use up to this day. That is all I am going to say today. I would like to make something clear, we are doing this for the sake of the people because they say there is no end to this pipe.

Mitakuye oyasin
All my relatives.




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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

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