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The Lakota Way

The Lakota Way

by Joseph M Marshall

Presenting six stories from Joseph Marshall's award winning book, The Lakota Way, read by the author and enriched with musical performances by noted American Indian musicians Keith Bear, Joseph Fire Crow and Andrew Vasquez. Rich with history and folklore, these traditional Lakota stories about life remain as relevant today as when they were first told. Also included is the *bonus track Keep Going.

"The Lakota word for God is Wakantanka, the Great Mystery, but we also often refer to him as Tunkasila, or Grandfather."
-- Joseph Marshall III

2003 Native American Music Awards winner for Best Spoken Word Recording.

— ©2002



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1 The Story of the Eagle
Waunsilapi - Compassion… to care, to sypathize
2 The Story of No Moccasins
Unsiiciyapi - Humility… tbe be humble, modest, unpretentious
3 The Story of the Flute Maker
Cantognake - Love… To place and hold in one's heart
4 The Story of the Snake
Wayuonihan - Honor… to have integrity, to have an honest and upright character
5 The Story Brings the Deer
Canteyuke - Generosity… to give, to share, to have a heart
6 The Story of the Giants
Wowacintanka - Perseverance… to persist, to strive in spite of difficulties
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