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Cheyenne Nation

Cheyenne Nation

by Fire Crow

Cheyenne Nation presents the passion and power of the music of Joseph Fire Crow presented in traditional and contemporary styles. The Northern Cheyenne Wolf Songs represent our flute songs. They are songs of love and affection. The tradition of the Northern Cheyenne flute has been with us always. In the beginning, it was young men who carried the flute, using it during courtship or for the sheer pleasure of playing simple, pure music. The young man seeking to learn the flute first had to go the flute man. Much like a master flint knapper or bow maker would pass the tradition on to the apprentice, so did the fluteman. Northern Cheyenne elders such as Grover Wolfvoice, Douglas Glenmore, Turkey Legs, John Stands-In-Timber, and many more, living and deceased, have made great efforts to honor and sustain the flute. Our social songs are headed for changes as we share them will all who will listen. Variations of these songs are inevitable. Many songs became inter-tribal. Coupled with today's "modern society" and technology, social songs have been and will be expressed in new, wonderful ways with the drum, voice, and dance.

47:04 minutes 2000



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1 By My Own Hand    
2 War Dancer  
3 Two Buffalo Bulls  
4 Cheyenne Nation  
5 Cheyenne Honor Song    
6 Bobtail Horse    
7 Circle Dance    
8 Mother Wolf    
9 The Twins    
10 Meadowlark Sunrise    
11 Young Wolves    
12 Walking in Daylight Woman    
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