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Best of Indian Sounds

Best of Indian Sounds

Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition

by Various

Indian Sounds is proud to present the ultimate collection of authentic Native American music compiled from 25 years of classic Indian Recordings produced from 1979 to 2004 by Millard Clark. The special edition 25 track CD features the best in traditional and contemporary music, from the beating of rhythmic powwow drums, to the soothing , mellow sounds of master flute players, This collection contains over an hour of Native singing, drumming, and flute playing at its finest.

65:49 minutes 2004



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CATEGORY: Collections

1 Corn Silk Song
Fernando Cellicion
2 When the Sun Goes Down
Tom Ware & Millard Clark
3 You Are The Only One
49 Song - Clark & Ware
4 Children's Song
William Gutierrez
5 War Dance Song
Black Eagle Singers
6 Veterans Song
7 My Mothers Prayer
Tom Mauchahty Ware
8 Church Hymn
Ralph Kotay
9 Church Hymn
Pearl Pewo Ware & Velma Tooisgah
10 Corn Dance Song
Kevin Lewis
11 War Dance Song
George Valliere
12 Trick Song
13 O-ho-man Lodge
Round Dance Song
14 Sweat Lodge Song
Cheyenne - Hershel Kaulaity
15 Belo Tay-Daw-Gyah-Daw
Tom Ware
16 Peyote Song
Billy McClellan
17 Peyote Song
Archie Hoffman & Dean Washa
18 Peyote Song
Kevin Lewis
19 Loon Song
William Guiterrez
20 "49" Style Drumbeat
Millard Clark
21 "49" Song
Larry Cozad
22 War Dance Song / Alvin Ahoy-boy
Indian Chipmunks Singers
23 O-ho-mah Lodge War Dance Song
Matthew Whitehorse
24 Veteran's Song
Jon Orens, MD
25 Amazing Grace
Fernando Cellicion
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