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Prayer and Sun Dance Songs - Vol 1

Prayer and Sun Dance Songs - Vol 1

by Tatanka Oyate Singers

We, the Tatanka Oyate Singers, would like to dedicate these Wocekiya nakun Wi yang wicipi odowan to our relatives Vi Bruce, Melvene White Bear, Ben Grey Hawk, Gary Drum, Thomas Martin, and other relatives who made the journey back to the spirit world. Through their inspiration and dedication to the Indian way of live, we are able to record these Prayer and Sun Dance songs to be passed on to the now and furture generations for their beauty and learning of these songs.

Recorded at Ft. Peck Reservation, Montana, June 12, 1999. The words to the songs are included but there are no English translations.




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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Wocekiya odowan
Prayer Song
2 Wocekiya odowan    
3 Wi yang waci odowan
Sun Dance Song
4 Wi yang waci odowan    
5 Wi yang waci odowan    
6 Wi yang waci odowan    
7 Wi yang waci odowan    
8 Wi yang waci odowan    
9 Wi yang waci odowan    
10 Wi yang waci odowan    
11 Wi yang waci odowan    
12 Wi yang waci odowan    
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