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Lakota Pipe and Ceremonial Songs

by Joseph Shields Jr.

Performed by noted singer Joseph Shields, Jr. (Ihunktowan Dakota/Sicangu Lakota), this collection presents rarely recorded songs that accompany the sacred Pipe ceremonies of the Lakota. Sung in honor of the Great Spirit, these songs reflect the spiritual traditions of the Lakota people and it is with great reverence that they are presented here.

Although pipes may be smoked for pleasure, smoking alone is not regarded as a sacred act. The filling of the ceremonial pipe with tobacco is done in the form of a delicate ritual. The pipe is usually smoked with the participants seated in a circle. Beginning with the pipe carrier, it is smoked and then the carrier honors the four directions. The pipe is then passed to the left around the circle allowing all present to smoke and offer prayers. In a prayer offering the pipe stem is pointed toward the power being addressed or it is held above the head with both hands. Upon finishing the ceremony the pipe is placed back inside itís bag.

35:36 minutes ó ©1998



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Pipe Song
This song begins a Pipe Ceremony or a Sweat Lodge Ceremony and honors the sacred Pipe. The four whistle blows honor the four directions and the spirits associated with them. They are also used to remember ill persons, veterans, or small children.
2 Pipe Song 1:15
3 Calling of the Spirit Song
These songs in prayer call forth Tunkasila "Grandfather Spirit(s)." These spirit beings are called to cure both physical and spiritual illnesses. Their wisdom encourages the Lakota to live in the traditional way.
4 Calling of the Spirit Song 2:32  
5 Calling of the Spirit Song 1:38  
6 Calling of the Spirit Song 2:33  
7 Healing Song
This unique song is used to heal a person from both mental and physical sickness.
8 Calling of the Spirit Song 2:26  
9 Eagle Song
A song from the eagle, looking down, encouraging the people to live.
10 Pipe Song 1:11  
11 Calling of the Spirit Song 1:40  
12 Healing Song 2:21  
13 Calling of the Spirit Song 2:52  
14 Prayer Song
The whistle blows here strengthen the intentions and power of the prayer.
15 Going Away Song
This song brings the Pipe ceremony to a close.
16 Emptying of the Pipe Song
This song was composed by Joseph Shields, Jr.'s uncle, the late Neulan Dion (Yankton Sioux). His Dakota name was Tatonka Ska meaning "White Buffalo." The song honors the four directions beginning with the west, followed by the north, east, and sout
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