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Island of Bows

Island of Bows

with Wind Travelin' Band, Shonosuke Ohkura, Oki Kano

by R. Carlos Nakai

Recorded in Kyoto's Hounji Temple, Island of Bows brings together the world's leading performer of the Native American flute, R. Carlos Nakai with the Wind Travelin' Band (Japanese instrumentalists performing the traditional shakuhachi, shamizen, koto, yan chin and er-hu), Shonsuke Ohkura on the kotsuzumi and Oki Kano on the kontori. Nakai has created a beautiful melding of traditional Native American and Japanese music. This is a really nice recording.

Each one of us is the leading edge of a long shadow of human experience through time and our uniquely personal oral traditions encourage sharing and understanding the commonality or our journey to the Morning Star.

In this way we will know, through interpersonal and intercultural communication, the similarities of our culture based differences and realize that we are all one human race striving for peace.

R. Carlos Nakai

48 minutes 1994



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