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Zuni Ceremonial Songs

Zuni Ceremonial Songs

by Various

The Zuni people are a Pueblo tribe that settled in the desert of the American southwest more than 2000 years ago. The beautiful songs and ornate dances that accompany their ceremonies celebrate the planting and harvesting of crops and offer prayers for rain and a successful hunt. These historic recordings give a glimpse into the life and traditions of an ancient people.

This recording consists of material previous released. Tracks 1-4 were recorded in 1953 and originally released as Canyon Records 78RPMs ARP-156a/b and ARP-157a/b. Tracks 5-13 were recorded in 1968 and originally released as Canyon Records LP "Zuni" CR6060. Tracks 14-23 were recorded in 1971 and originally released as Canyon Records LP "Summer Songs From Zuni" CR6077.

57:25 minutes 2004



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CATEGORY: Pueblo/Pima/Zuni

1 Zuni "Squaw" Dance  
2 Fast Comanche Dance    
3 Nah-Ha-Li-Shoo Song  
4 Buffalo Dance Song    
5 Buffalo Dance Song of 1967  
6 Comanche Dance Songs of 1967    
7 Harvest Dance Song    
8 Harvest Dance Song    
9 Turkey Dance Song    
10 Ha-Ha-Wu Dance    
11 Mid-Sixties Comanche Song    
12 Corn Dance Song of 1967  
13 Rain Dance Song    
14 Rain Dance Song    
15 Rain Dance Song    
16 Comanche Dance Entry Song    
17 Fast Comanche Dance Song    
18 Nah-Ha-Li-Shoo Song    
19 Hee-le-lee Song    
20 Rain Dance Song    
21 Fast Comanche Song    
22 Nah-Ha-Li-Shoo Song    
23 Moo-Wy-Yeh    
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