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The Night is Sacred

The Night is Sacred

Ceremonial Pipe Songs for Future Generations

by Joseph Flying Bye

Joseph Flying Bye (Kangi Hotanka) is a respected elder and spiritual leader from the Hunkpapa Tribe of the Lakota Nation. He grew up in the 1920's & 30's, and still recalls those Lakota men & women who shared their knowledge to preserve the cultural history of that time. Living with grandparents, he would listen to their stories of the open plains and learn the medicine ways that his family had passed down for generations. At this time, there are only a few elders left who can see that far back into the past. These recordings were made to pass on what we currently know of that past, and where we stand with these ways at this time. The songs and teachings contained in this recoding are dedicated to the children to come, that they will grow to know how truly sacred they are, and that the beauty of life will blossom and bear fruit in their generation and each generation to follow.

The songs are sung in Lakota and follow with interpretations spoken in English. The CD booklet includes the written translations.




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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Introduction    
2 Sacred People are Coming to See You    
3 Interpretation and Background    
4 Pipe Filling Song    
5 Interpretation    
6 Golden Eagle Song    
7 Interpretation    
8 Behold, These are Sacred    
9 Prayer    
10 Grandfather Come to See Me    
11 Prayer and Closing Comments    
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