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Indian Summer Festival

Indian Summer Festival

by Various

Milwaukee, Wisconsinís Indian Summer Festival offers a fun and entertaining way to experience the diversity of both traditional and contemporary American Indian culture. A festival theme is used to plan events to showcase American Indian entertainers, musicians, fine artists and craft people. The festival also celebrates the rich American Indian heritage with authentic tribal villages, storytellers, traditional handcrafts, dance troupes and lacrosse. Arbor Records highlights the annual Pow Wow competition with song selections from the best musical moments of the Indian Summer Festival.

The songs:
01 The Bucks Grand Entry 5:37
02 Bear Clan Grand Entry 1:42
03 Smokey Town Grand Entry 5:11
04 Duck Creek Grand Entry 4:01
05 The Bucks Flag Song 3:29
06 Wisconsin Dells Flag Song 3:38
07 Smokey Town Veteran Song 8:49
08 Little Otter Intertribal 2:48
09 Gusto Singers Intertribal 3:22
10 Raining Thunder Intertribal 2:57
11 Bear Clan Grass Dance 2:43
12 Smokey Town Grass Dance 2:37
13 Little Otter Woman's Shawl 3:15
14 Duck Creek Chicken Dance 2:46
15 The Tribe Junior Girls 2:55
16 The Bucks Hop Dance 5:54
17 Raining Thunder Contest Song 3:03
18 Bust Away Contest Song 3:18
19 Duck Creek Crow Hop 1:46
20 The Bucks Thank Song 2:47

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