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Round Dance Songs - Vol 2

Round Dance Songs - Vol 2

by Various

A popular dance for non-Indians during an intertribal song is the Round dance. It is an easy dance to follow as everyone joins hands inside the dance area forming a big circle moving clockwise. If there are many people participating, another circle is formed inside the first circle that moves in the opposite direction. The Round dance creates a simple and fun activity that brings both cultures together for positive interaction. In celebrating this circle of life, it is no co-incidence that the structure of all Pow Wows is a circle. The dance arena, known as the Arbor, is located in the center of the designated area. It can be either outdoors or indoors. The Arbor is blessed prior to the Pow Wow starting and is considered a sacred ground during the entire celebration. The Arbor is treated with the same respect as would be given to a church.

01 Eyabay - Miracle
02 Young Spirit - Just Kiddiní
03 Thunderhorse - Go For It!
04 Northern Wind - Loviní Feeliní
05 Red Tail - Double Trouble
06 Dakota Travels - Straight Song
07 Southern Boys - My Best Friend
08 Eyabay - Donít Cry
09 Eagle Tail - Remember Who Really Loves You
10 Spirit Sand Singers - Morning Wind
11 Thunderhorse - Tsa-La-Gi-Slide
12 Pipestone - Swing and Sway
13 Young Spirit - The Original
14 Sizzortail - Olí Girl

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