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Jingle Dress Side Step Songs

Jingle Dress Side Step Songs

by Various

The Jingle Dress is also called a prayer dress. The dress was seen in a dream, as an object to bring healing to afflicted people. It comes from the Northern tribe Ojibwa along the Canadian border. A medicine man's granddaughter became very ill one day. In a dream, his spirit guides told him to make a jingle dress for her and have her dance in it. This, he was told would heal her. When the outfit was finished, the tribe assembled for a dance. On her first time around, the illness would not permit her to dance and she was carried. As time went on she was soon dancing in the circle. Side Step songs are one of two contest songs sang for the Jingle Dress Dancers at a social gathering. This album contains original songs by some of the best Northern Style drum groups.




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11 Northern Wind    
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