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Wocekiye Olowan

Wocekiye Olowan

Lakota Spiritual Prayer Songs

by David Swallow Jr.

David Swallow Jr. is a Lakota spiritual leader in the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. On this recording, David presents a series of prayer songs that can be used by anyone. They're sung in Lakota and David explains them in English. They are not always directly translated but explained more like a story. While listening to this CD, we felt we were having a personal lesson with David. A very good CD that helps you understand the Lakota way of seeing things.

There are eight songs on the CD. The first eight tracks are the songs with David's explanations. The next eight tracks are the songs played without commentary.

We are pleased to announce this second release on our own record label, White Bear Records! Originally released in 2000, this is an all new revised edition with improved sound, packaging, and a booklet containing the Lakota words and English meanings for the songs.

66:54 minutes 2007



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Introduction - Prayer Song #1  
2 Introduction - Coyote Song  
3 Introduction - Prayer Song #2    
4 Introduction - Hanblecya Song    
5 Introduction - Prayer Song #3    
6 Introduction - Red Road Song    
7 Introduction - Grandmother / Grandfather Song    
8 Introduction - Prayer Song #4    
9 Prayer Song #1  
10 Coyote Song  
11 Prayer Song #2    
12 Hanblecya Song    
13 Prayer Song #3    
14 Red Road Song    
15 Grandmother / Grandfather Song    
16 Prayer Song #4    
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