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Pipe Stems

Pipe Stems - Ash - Alan Monroe Pipe Stems - Ash - Alan Monroe

Superbly made pipestems from ash. These are Native American made by master Lakota pipe maker, Alan Monroe. An excellent match to any of the bowls we offer. These are unfinished. You can stain them or finish them if desired, or just leave them in their natural state. Note that as these are hand-made at different times, the lengths may vary a little bit from those listed.

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9999-009-915  15 inch  $58.00 
9999-009-921  23 inch  $65.00 


Pipe Stems - Ash - Flat Pipe Stems - Ash - Flat

Unfinished wood pipe stems made from ash. These are done in a flat style with straight sides and slightly angled top and bottom. You will need to sand the end to fit your bowl and create a mouthpiece to your preference. These can be stained or waxed as desired. Approximately 19 inches long.

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2410-002-019  One-Size  $34.50 


Pipe Stems - Pine Pipe Stems - Pine

Simple flat pipestems made from pine.

2410-001-024  24 inch  $10.50 
2410-001-015  15 inch  $8.95 


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