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Ermine are commonly used for drops on bonnets and other headgear. They are also frequently used on Blackfeet shirts. The tails are often prized for use in chokers. Ermine are actually weasels. In the winter, their coat is white. In the summer, they turn brown. During transition, their backs start turning grey and they are referred to as "greybacks." Ermine are getting harder and harder to find and the quality is diminishing.

Ermine - White - Damaged - No Tails

Ermine - White - Damaged - No Tails

These are second quality ermine with no tails. They may have some hair slips, cuts, or other damage. They are great if you need ermine to make a horned bonnet and will be cutting them up anyway. Also good for making tube ermine drops. These average about 9-10 inches long and have very nice fur. The large are somewhat longer.

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5105-026-503 Large $9.95 ea
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$8.95 ea
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