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Voices of Native America

Voices of Native America

Native American Instruments and Music

by Douglas Spotted Eagle

An in-depth look at Native American music and the instruments used by the indigenous peoples both past and present. This volume includes information and explanations on traditional and contemporary music, as well as instructions and descriptions of how to make most forms of traditional Native American musical instruments. Drums, flutes, whistles, shakers, rattles, bells, and other instruments become easy to make and play. Each instrument is accompanied by a description of how the instrument is played and for what purpose.

Written for both beginning musician and seasoned Native music fan, this volume should prove invaluable for any person wishing to learn more about Native American songs, instruments, or culture both past and present.

120 pp ~ 70 b/w photos 1997



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ISBN: 0943604567
CATEGORY: Dance/Music
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