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Pattern, Eastern Longhunter's Accessories

Pattern, Eastern Longhunter's Accessories

Missouri River Brand

The Eastern Longhunter&'s basic dress consisted. Of a loose frock or hunting shirt, belt, either a pair of breeches or Indian-style breechclout, leggings and moccasins of dressed deerskin. Several other items that the Longhunter might find necessary, not only for comfort but survival, are included in this set of patterns. Most pieces were homemade from readily available materials such as buckskin, tanned leather, and rawhide, and were acquired by trade with local settlers or the Indians. Leather was also locally tanned, then made into accouterments and sold or traded by local merchants in the settlements

This pattern set is designed for use by the experienced or novice craft worker. It includes extensive information on the layout and cutting of hides, patching and piecing of leather, various stitching & hemming techniques, fringing & attaching decorations, etc. These clear illustrations and photos showing exactly how you can create your own unique accessories to go with your outfit.

Included with this pattern set are:

  • Flint & Gun
  • Tool Wallet
  • Tomahawk Belt Carriage
  • Rawhide Tobacco & Bullet Canteen
  • Eastern Indian Pipe Bag
  • Tomahawk Sheath with Sling Carriage
  • Woodlands Indian Knife Sheath
  • Canadian Cap
  • Eastern Rifleman's Bag.



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