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American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #5

American Indian Crafts and Culture (AICC) - Vol 7 #5

May 1973 - Vol 7 #5

  • Modern Blackfoot Women's Dress (nice sketch and 2-page analysis of assembly)
  • Fern T. Alexander, Otoe-Missouri
  • Native Dress and Design Among the Iroquoian People
  • Ernest Smith - Seneca Artist
  • Wounded Knee
    Desperation is Cause of Occupation by Russell Means
    Sioux Tribal Leader Speaks Out by David Long
  • Photo Feature - Pawnee Indians

In this issue, AICC started covering some of the contemporary events of Indian Country. The articles on Wounded Knee by Russell Means and David Long (Vice President of the Pine Ridge Council) are interesting from a historical perspective. By this time, the occupation had begun but the deadly encounter with FBI agents had not yet occurred. If you are not familiar with the 1973 Wounded Knee uprising, there are many books available on the subject. That uprising eventually lead to the deaths of several FBI agents. Leonard Peltier has been imprisoned since that time and many feel he is a political prisoner of the United States. There have always been many questions about his legal case and whether he was guilty.

24 pp 1973



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May 1973
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