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First Families

First Families

A Photographic History of California Indians

by L Frank

When L. Frank and Marina Drummer went on the road in 2002, they set out to visit as many people from different California tribes as possible. Crisscrossing the state, they taped hundreds of hours of interviews and collected copies of nearly fifteen hundred family photos. The documentary project, funded by the California State Library and LEF Foundation, paints an unprecedented portrait of California’s indigenous people using their own words and photographs from their own family albums.

In turns moody, beautiful, warm, and humorous, First Families is a one-of-a-kind book that combines extremely personal images with text that gives readers a broader, deeper view of Indian history and many complex living cultures.

From the Foreword:

“As it turned out, the journey to collect photographs was as much about the landscapes in between our stops as it was about the people. The hills and valleys, the mountains and forests, the deserts and plains, the entire panorama that is California unfolded before us. The beauty of the state and the magnificent strength and dignity of the people kept us in a prolonged state of wonder. Each visit became a journey through not only an individual’s personal history, but his or her tribal history as well.”—Marina Drummer, Program Officer, LEF Foundation

160 pp ~ illustrated — ©2007



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CATEGORY: Photography
September 2007
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