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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Warriors

A Photographic History by Gertrude Kasebier

by Michelle Delaney

For the first time ever, here is renowned photographer Gertrude Kasebier's haunting collection of photographs of Native Americans from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Taken in 1898, these unique images capture the transitioning lifestyle and customs of the Western tribes at the dawn of the new century. In addition to 100 stunning portraits, this volume will provide historical information on Native Americans and their role in the Wild West Show, along with show memorabilia, excerpts from letters, sketches by Native Americans, additional contextual photographs, and background on photography trends of the era.

We have seen thousands of photographs of Native Americans so it is always refreshing to find a new source of material not widely known. This is not your standard collection of wild west show Indians on horse back. Instead, it is a collection of intimate portraits, with multiple views, of Native people appearing mostly comfortable in from of the camera of Gertrude Kasebier. An example is a photo of Joe Black Fox, who is relaxed, appearing to lightly smile while holding smoldering cigarette. A great addition for the collector of vintage Native American photographs or anyone with an interest in the wild west shows. We put a copy in our personal library as soon as it arrived!

160 pp ~ illustrated 2007



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ISBN: 0061129771
CATEGORY: Photography
September 2007
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