Matoska (Mäto'skä)

The word "Matoska" is Lakota (Sioux) for "white bear." Mato means "bear" and ska is the word for "white." Our company was actually named after one of our dogs, a Great Pyrenees, who resembled a small, shaggy, white bear (well, small for a bear, but Matoska weighed over 100 pounds!). 

Matoska pictographic art bear logoOur logo is a pictographic bear taken from a winter count drawing from the Upper Missouri region, circa 1830. Pictographic art from the Plains reached its peak in the late 1800's during the reservation period.


Nancy & Brent with dogs Ichamna & Matoska

About Matoska Trading Company

Matoska trading company was established in 1991 and is owned and run by Brent and Nancy Schellhase. We are a mail order company primarily operating in the United States but we have a growing list of international friends and ship orders all over the world.

Our primary focus is items related to the art and history of the North American Plains Indian. We offer an extensive selection of books, periodicals, beads, feathers, craft supplies, music, and much more.

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