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 Your Privacy. What do we do with your personal information?
With the ever increasing use of computers, it seems that our personal information is spread all over world without our permission. If you have ever subscribed to a magazine and then been inundated with junk mail you know what we mean!

Please know that we treat our customers with integrity. When you provide personal information to us we will use and retain it for the following purposes:

  • Fulfilling and shipping your order (obviously!).
  • We will keep your email address for our company mailing list if you subscribe to our email newsletter.
  • We will keep your address and phone number for our company use. We will use this information to contact you or send you catalogs and special information.
  • We will retain your credit card information as required for bank purposes.
  • We may provide your name and address to another company if we feel that company offers a product or service you would be interested in and we feel the company is very reputable. Note that since 1991, we have never done this. If you do not want us to share your name and address under any circumstances, just send us an email with the request and we'll honor it.
  • We will not provide your phone number or credit card information to another business except those directly involved in processing your order. For example, your phone number may appear on a UPS shipping label to assist them in delivering your package. Credit card information is provided to card processors as required to approve your charge (this is nothing unusual... all business do this).
  • We will not provide information on your purchases. What you buy is your business.
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