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Quilled Grammaphone Help!  I can't hear the music!

Software & Hardware Requirements

Our sound clips are recorded in the RealAudio format.  You'll need the RealAudio player.  If you don't have the player, you can get it for free.  RealAudio changes their offer from time to time and it may look like you have to pay for the player.  There is always a completely free version. You may just have to look for it. When we last checked, it was here:

50_button_static.gif (1654 bytes)

Once you get the player, install it according to the directions at the RealAudio web site. Note that you'll need a sound card and a modem supporting speeds of at least 28.8.  Slower modems will work but the sound may be choppy.

Once the player is installed, see if you can hear the music.  Here's a sample file from our site - click the RealAudio icon or "Amazing Grace":

raicon.gif (1472 bytes)   Amazing Grace
by R. Carlos Nakai
from Emergence
I've Got RealAudio Installed But Still Can't Hear the Music

First, make sure the RealAudio player is working.  Try to play music from a local file on your computer (not one of our clips). When you installed the RealAudio player, there should have been several RealAudio files available for you to test with (files ending in ".ra" or ".rm").  If you can't hear audio files stored on your computer, check out the RealAudio technical support page for help.


I've Tried Everything and STILL Can't Hear the Music

Most likely, the problem resides with your hardware and software configuration.  Unfortunately, we really can't provide too much support for these cases.  While we have tested our site on several different hardware platforms, perhaps the problem is on our end.  Please send us a note describing the problem.   We may not be able to help you, but we'll see what we can do:

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