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Size, Metric Conversion & Unit Tables
seed & pony bead sizes | metric conversion | unit abbreviations
Here's a little table to give you an idea of how big the various seed and pony beads are. Note that these sizes and counts are only approximate and can vary somewhat. Also, the number of hanks per kilo varies. Since the beads are sold by weight, if the bead is slightly larger, there are less hanks, and conversely, if the bead is smaller, there are more hanks.
Size Diameter Image Beads
per Hank
per Kilo
13/0 1.7 mm   4950 36
12/0 1.9 mm   4700 28
11/0 2.1 mm   4000 26
10/0 2.3 mm   3900 20
8/0 3.1 mm   2950 16
5/0 4.5 mm   not strung n/a
We try to use consistent definitions for defining the beads colors and finishes. Typically, the bead name will be prefixed with a 2-character finish/color abbreviation. This table shows you what they mean.
Abbreviation Meaning
OP OPAQUE - The color is solid and light is not transmitted through the glass. 
TR TRANSPARENT - The color is not solid and light will be transmitted through the bead. In lighter colors, these beads look very clear.
GR GREASY - The color is not opaque but not clear enough to be transparent. Translucent might be a good definition. Old-time bead colors often come in greasy colors.
MT MATTE - The bead has a somewhat rough, sanded finish.
IR IRIS - The finish has a coating which makes it appear iridescent. 
LI LINED - These beads are made of transparent glass with a sold color lining, typically silver or gold but they can be colored. Very flashy!
AB AURORA BOREALIS - The finish has a coating which makes it appear iridescent. Similar to IRIS (almost the same, actually).
For those of you who are metrically challenged, here's a little conversion table to help you out.
Metric English
25.4 mm 1 inch
28.3 grams 1 ounce
50 grams 1 3/4 ounce
454 grams 1 pound
500 grams (1/2 kilo) 1.1 pounds (17.6 ounces)
1000 grams (1 kilo) 2.2 pounds (35.2 ounces)
Beads and other items come packaged in many different formats. To give you the best price, we often sell in multiples of the quantities we purchase. Here's a list of some units you may see.
Unit / Abbrev. Quantity
mass (M) 1200
mille (m) 1000
kilo (K) 1000 grams
gram (gr) 0.001 kilo
gross (GR) 144
dozen (dz) 12
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